Angel Intuitive Connection

Wanna know what you can do to wake up with that "I'm on top of my game," oozing big love feeling in your heart? Get in touch with your angels. When we sit together, it looks like a coffee shop conversation (except you may hear me burp, say "thank you" to your angel, and once in a while Archangel Michael likes to take over Siri in my iPhone). 

Your angels are always peeping on you, kinda like your mom did in high school - silently. BUT, unlike your mom may have done, they can't get all up in your biz, until you ask! The first step is asking.

ANGEL ADVICE: Breathe into your belly and start talking to us. Breath is our language.  It doesn't matter if it is silent or loud, just breathe and chat. Don't doubt our presence, and have a little F.A.I.T.H. (Finding Angels In The Heart).  Speak over the itty bitty shi**y committee in your head, but please don't edit what you are saying. Filters are boring and we are fun!  If writing helps, retreat, and write to us. Just start and do something already!

Through their jokes and love, they will help prioritize your life sucking 9-5 job, creative soul art collage class, and kombucha kicking health regimen. They will help you see the blessing behind all of the bird poop on your clean car, and remind you of the one huge thing you could be doing, and aren't. 

My goal is to guide YOU to the best version of yourself possible. To listen to your inside voice, to deliver the message you haven't been understanding, and to create space outside of judgy people and distractions so you can focus on your priorities.  

Your session can be based on any one of the following, or a combo of the below (we take each moment as it comes) …

  • Angel Intuitive Messaging
  • Gain Clarity & Uplifting Healing
  • Learn About Your Spirit Team
  • Your Elemental Make Up
  • Angel Intuitive Messaging
  • Angel Card Readings
  • Learn About Your Spirit Team
  • Sacred Geometry

$125 for 60-75 Minutes

$95 for 45 Minute Follow Up (Repeat Clients Only)


I can’t thank you enough for walking along this journey with me. I received my first reading back in 2015 and you have been inspiring me to be “Who I AM” ever since! I am now enrolled in the angel tarot certification course and am loving every minute of it. Every week I learn more and every week I am changing. Giving beautiful messages to others for me is like hitting the lottery! The amount of joy and love it brings me to serve others is priceless! This work is changing my life! Thank you for being my teacher, cheerleader and friend! I am beyond honored and grateful to have you in my life! Sending you so much love and appreciation!
— Athena M., King City, CA