With the angel tarot as a learning base, Meet your angel team and become A certified practitioner

This is a gentle intuitive development course, that is meant to connect you to your angels. You will use the tarot (preferably angel tarot) as a base for this course. This is a great tool to enhance your business or life adventure. 

This is a self-paced class; login and move through at your pace. You will have access for 1 year (in the event more time is needed, that can be requested). There is a virtual community, live phone calls, and plenty of space to have your questions answered!

This is not just an accredited class, this is a journey to deeper connection with your angels.

This class isn’t for everyone.

First understand what this isn’t. This isn't your average large online community with a popular following, and trendy hashtags dominating the world wide web.

It’s not a super easy, “hey I just completed this course and have a certificate to do readings and heal” experience.

And it surely just isn’t about any one tool. 

Thank you Gina for being my door (you know what I mean). When you came into my life; blessings upon blessings! I am so pleased and humbled. I LOVE the way you speak two languages. You are the first I have met that is able to take Spirit language and translate it into something so juicy, yet comprehensive with this course! SUCH A gift as I know that you will share your light and shine it true into the world!

Gina thanks to your course, the Angels, the tarot, the spirits-guides, God as a powerful energy, and myself I have found myself, again, I feel free and at ease with my past, my present, and my future. I am the flow, I am the light, I am peace, I am love. Thank you and I love you.
— Carolina Diaz, Miami, FL
Angel Intuitive, Learn Tarot

This is for you if you are ...

  • ready to explore your inner Guru
  • ready to take your life to the next level
  • want to connect deeply with your angel team
  • wanting authentic experiences unlocking the connection with spirit
  • want to add angelic connection and Feng Shui to your tool box 
  • launching a spiritual based business and maybe don't know where to start
  • looking for a place to meet like minded entrepreneurs (some just starting)

This is a process to deepen your intuition, raise your vibration, and connect further with your spirit and angel team. 

This is a journey that will guide you to understand why you are here, and assist with your next steps.

This course moves you beyond any tool. It clarifies your answers within, and puts you in touch with higher source energy.

If you are confused about your purpose, lacking direction, and not quite sure how to take your holistic loving life to the next level, I am happy to see your healing hands here.

I invite you to journey with me in a safe, comfortable, and fun environment. You will be creating and strengthening your communication with your angels, and will learn how to incorporate this into your life, business, and friendships.

To top it all off, I promise you it looks and feels completely safe. I WORK IN THE LIGHT. 

This is a great tool to help you listen more clearly, help others more effectively, and have fun while navigating decisions for business and personal situations.

This course is a treasure chest full of gold. For me the alchemy started as soon as I said YES! I knew I wanted to learn more from Gina after having a couple of readings with her. (which by the way...I continue to integrate and draw on those readings today.) My initial intention wasn’t even to be a tarot practitioner, however this course has filled me with love, gratitude, inspiration and awe. It’s more than a tarot course! My spiritual practice and deep listening skills have both deepened and strengthen and I am a better healing arts practitioner because of that. As a teacher, guide and fellow traveler Gina brings love, intuition, sass, humor and a cornucopia of knowledge. I highly recommend this course for seekers and anyone who wants more joy and spiritual connection in their lives.
— Tuyet-Lyn Christensen, LMFT, Psychotherapy & Expressive Art Therapy, www.tuyetlynchristensenmft.com, Berkeley, CA
Tuyet-Lyn Christensen LMFT, Psychotherapy & Expressive Art Therapy www.tuyetlynchristensenmft.com

The course is how I began my journey. I used the tarot, which were my training wheels. That set my connection on fire. It is what helped strengthen my angelic connection, and I want to help you do the same. 

Gina’s class is so enlightening! I loved it so much, that I signed up to take it three times! Gina has a natural talent for teaching esoteric material in a very fun and light-hearted way, without sacrificing depth. I not only learned how to read cards for others and empower them on their path, but I also deepened my relationship with the spiritual realm. This combination boosted my self esteem and supported massive growth within my relationships, health, career and life purpose. Whether you are using these skills to build confidence in your business, or to strengthen your spiritual connection, you will benefit from this amazing class. Highly recommend!!!
— Sarah Angelides, Art & Soul Healing, www.sarahangelides.com, St. Louis, MO

Aside from having a powerful knowledge base at the completion of all three levels, you will also be offered the following throughout the course:

  • An intimate encounter with over 20 different Archangels (you will complete the course having a clear connection with at least two)
  • Over 300 minutes of guided angel meditations to download and keep forever
  • Your own vocabulary with spirit so you know when your angels are connecting and what they are saying
  • A thorough understanding of various tools including the angel tarot, muscle testing, and pendulum work
  • A strong grounding practice
  • A decluttered space with many Feng Shui remedies in your tool box to support your sacred space
  • An online community with other like minded spiritualpreneuers
  • An optional Q & A twice a month which are always recorded and shared (times vary to accommodate different schedules and is recorded)
  • 18 weeks of self paced, at your leisure, learning

View a complete syllabus below. 

Working through this program was life changing! I had previously had tarot cards read but never thought about learning them myself. That all changed when I got word about Gina’s program. I felt the call to join and I am so deLIGHTed that I did! This process is learning about yourself, trusting yourself and
challenging yourself.

Gina’s approach is honest, authentic and FUN! She gives you so many valuable tools. Her open approach gives structure but allows for such growth and expansion for yourself. And makes you comfortable with whatever point in the journey you are on, and it has been such an incredible one for me.

When I first started doing spontaneous sessions for friends, I couldn’t explain what I was doing. I knew I needed guidance. This course was then unveiled and I knew it was mine.

It has not been an easy journey. Along the way I was able to face fears and understand myself on another level. It really did go from soaring high like an eagle to going deep into a valley between the mountains and finding the beauty in the shadows. It was not the content of the class but all the work on myself that was happening.

The best part is that I knew I was always being held in love and that there was a safe space for me. This container allowed me to grow and stretch and challenge myself. My confidence in myself grew as the journey went on. I look back and it is almost like I can hardly recognize the person that I was when I started this process.

Thank you.
— Kim Stock, St. Louis, MO

the Complete three Level syllabus ...

Each week there is a quiz and homework. Total time commitment per week is between 30 minutes and two hours, depending how deep you would like to go.

Week IV

  • The Swords / Air Suit
  • Developing Clear Hearing
  • Check your Ego Amigo Card Spread
  • Itty Bitty Shi**Y Committee Card Spread
  • Healing the Sacred Heart Center Space
  • Meet Archangel Ambriel

Week V

  • The Pentacle / Earth Suit
  • Developing Clear Taste & Clear Smell
  • The Money Honey Card Spread
  • Using Your Body as a Pendulum
  • Meet Archangel Ariel

Week VI

  • Personalized Invocation Creation
  • Original Card Spread Creation
  • Jumper Cards
  • Upside Down Cards
  • Meet Archangel Azrael

Week I

  • The Golden Rule
  • Introduction to Spirit Vocabulary
  • The Major Arcana
  • Developing Clear Knowing
  • The Celtic Cross Card Spread
  • Meet Archangel Michael

Week II

  • The Wands / Fire Suit
  • Developing Clear Seeing
  • The Light My Fire Card Spread
  • Muscle Testing
  • Meet Archangel Gabriel

Week III

  • The Cups / Water Suit
  • Developing Clear Feeling
  • The Inner Child Card Spread
  • Using a Pendulum
  • Meet Archangel Raphael

Week IV

  • Numbers 7 and 8
  • Exploring the Heart Chakra
  • The Sevens Manifesto Launch Pad Spread
  • Meet Archangel Chamuel

Week V

  • Numbers 9 and 0
  • Exploring the Throat Chakra
  • Deeper Look: Sevens Manifesto Spread
  • Meet Archangel Raguel

Week VI

  • The Ace Card
  • Exploring the Third Eye Chakra
  • Listen to the Foundation Card Spread
  • Meet Archangels Raziel

Week I

  • Numbers 1 and 2
  • Exploring the Root Chakra
  • I AM Divine Card Spread
  • Meet Archangel Jophiel

Week II

  • Numbers 3 and 4
  • Exploring the Sacral Chakra
  • Listen to the Foundation Card Spread
  • Meet Archangel Haniel

Week III

  • Numbers 5 and 6
  • Exploring the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Cha-cha-changes Card Spread
  • Meet Archangel Uriel

Week IV

  • The King
  • Exploring Chakra Nine
  • What I Rule Card Spread
  • Meet Archangel Mariel

Week V

  • Distant Connections & Oracle Decks
  • Professionalism
  • Exploring Chakra Eleven
  • Meet Archangel Jeremiel

Week VI

  • Exploring Chakra Twelve
  • Meet Archangel Metatron
  • Final Exam for Completion and Certification


Week I

  • The Page
  • Exploring the Crown Chakra
  • The Court Card Spread
  • Meet Archangel Zadkiel

Week II

  • The Knight
  • Exploring the Earth Star Chakra
  • Knight Fight Card Spread
  • Meet Archangel Sandalphon

Week III

  • The Queen
  • Exploring Chakra Eight
  • Picky, Classy, Beautiful Me Card Spread
  • Meet Archangel Christiel

* Levels I and II incorporate Feng Shui Remedies, to help you raise your external energy in your environment.


*Inquire about Card Decks and Pendulums at Silver Lining if you are local to St. Louis. There are various options to use for this class. If you need recommendations on which would be a good fit for you, please feel welcome to ask.

REGISTRATION    IS    NOW    OPEN: April 9-April 23, 2018

Next Class Start Date: April 30, 2018

Registration Options


The accredited certification includes personal feedback each week, monthly calls, and discounted one on one rates should you want additional coaching. 

Success Stories ...

When referencing job/career, have you or someone you know ever said “someday when I know what I want to do/be….” Well that was me right up until I retired. I had several great jobs and accomplished what I wanted, yet, I was never totally satisfied with where I was in my career. Figuring out what I wanted to do became irrelevant. A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon a place called Silver Linings and my life has taken a beautiful turn. So much I’ve learned and experienced from the many offerings but the really big turning point – Angel Infused, Gentle Tarot Certification Course by Gina Nicole. Early on in the course I had an ah-ha moment….this is just a conversation – similar to what I did at work when I was in Human Resources. I realize the tarot cards are just like that – my intent is to pass on something meaningful for whomever I read for. Get out of the way, let Source present the cards, then help the person they are for to understand them, all in the name of helping someone on their path.

I can’t believe we are reaching conclusion for the Certification course by Gina Nicole. This course has changed my life! 5 months ago I thought it would be interesting and wanted to go deeper in understanding the Tarot, particularly the numbers……which I did but surprisingly through this course I finally understand my life purpose! The blend of information is incredible…learning about the cards is only the beginning. The meditations, the feng shui tips, and experiencing Archangels like never before is only topped by Gina herself! She is tireless, always available and a source of support I’ve never experienced. Thank you Gina!
— Cindy Hibbs, Angel Intuitive Yoga Expert
Untitled design.png
There are not enough words to express how much I appreciate Gina and all she shares. Her ability to hone in on where I most need support and then the ability to guide me to the answer is a skill few possess. Whether it is an intuitive Angel consultation or any of her programs, she gives it her undivided attention, love and enthusiasm.

My life has changed in ways I am still learning from working with her. There are layers that continually reveal themselves as I continue working with her and under her guidance. Human, authentic, intuitive, loving, direct AND willing to do her own personal work. She shares herself and what she learns; love and vulnerability. These are the ways I feel she’s worked with me and allowed me to open these same channels as a result.

Gina, thank you so very, very much for being real and helping me change my Life!
— Debbie Nussbaum
Angel Intuitive, Learn Tarot
“I thoroughly enjoyed Gina Nicole’s class. It was an insightful course with practical education that anyone can hone in on and utilize, not just the ‘supernatural.’ I loved learning about the angelic messaging ‘WE ALL’ recieve and how numbers are a natural process in angel communication. Best of all, the group of spectacular-similar-minded women who surrounded me. The strength and encouragement in such a loving space was life-changing. Just beautiful! I would highly recommend the course, It’s worth your time and money. I am hopeful and anxiously waiting more!”
— Jennifer L., https://www.jenniferlord.com, Telluride, CO
Great tool, amazing class! I made good connections and learned so much. I have enjoyed doing readings for my friends and family, and Gina is such a gas! It has already opened doors. I recently did my first paying gig, a party. I was amazed at the response I received. Was told several times I was the hit of the party, and I had such a fun time! I had confidence in what was coming through and that helped the clients to trust what was coming through for them. Was an awesome experience! Gina’s gentle tarot is an awesome tool to add to your belt!
— Cinda C., Spiritual Intuitive, www.cindakaycampbell.com, Rio Rancho, NM

This course is accredited by:

Accredited by The American Council of Holistic Healers
Accredited By The World Metaphysical Association
Accredited By Reiki Rays Institute

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