He is 7 years old, and a child of ultimate truth. He wouldn’t lie if you paid him. Sometimes you watch his eyes move looking at things you can not see, but you know he can, because you observe him watching. Then he gives you feedback. He lets you know he sees colors in the sky, feels tingles, and hears comments from his “friend” that makes him laugh. He may complain that the music is too loud, love to be in nature and outside, and he will sit longer than you in meditation any day! He is fearless, loves to do things for people, and give, give, give. He is trusting and will go with anyone who seems nice.

He is a rainbow child.

She is 11. She is almost like his mom at times, telling him what to do, and how to do it. She has beautiful large eyes, and when you look into them, you notice a very old soul; a girl that is far beyond an 11 year old’s mind. Thinking back, she may have not started talking when other kids her age did. Sometimes you look at her, and can’t help but stare in amazement. You feel like she can almost see through you, and sometimes she does. She is so happy, lighthearted, and a treasure to be around. If you make her mad, you know she will forgive you. And she doesn’t have to say she forgives you, you might just know. It is a feeling that she sends, and makes it easy for you to receive. She knows what you are thinking at times, and you here.

She is a crystal child.

Then there is their older sibling. He is 15 now. He is a warrior! He has confidence, self-worth, and he doesn’t put up with anything that doesn’t work for him. He does NOT like authority, he does not like rules, and he needs the space to be creative. Creativity is where his “old soul" thrives. You know you have to tell him the truth because if you don’t he will know. If there are flaws in the system, he will find them. You must do what you say you are going to do as his parent, or he will call you out! He has a bit of a temper and you notice the fire within him at times. Sometimes his teacher will call with negative feedback for not listening, or being disruptive. You may have been told he might have ADD or ADHD, and the thought of addiction around him has even crossed  your mind.

He is an indigo child. 

These are the stories of 3 highly sensitive kids. If you are reading this, and you relate to even a smidgen of the above information ...

Welcome to the "Circle of Seven."


Seven is a number of manifesting, and one that reminds us there is reason behind what is going on even if we don't see it.

Seven is a number of completion, similar to the way seven days make a full week.

There are seven rays of light in the rainbow, and seven musical tones correlating with each of these colors. Together they gap between the mundane and enlightened. Esoteric wisdom indicates it is these tones and colors that will serve as our journey to conscious evolution.

A life path number of seven, is one that is intuitive, truth seeking, and of higher awareness. This community is built around the lovely energy of these infinite intentions. 

This community is a place that understands the nurturing and love of the rainbow, crystal, and indigo children. The children of today that are highly sensitive, feel intensely, hear things louder than “normal,” see things that others may not, and know things that others far beyond their age don’t.

The most important thing for them in this moment, is to be heard and acknowledged. They are here with a Divine mission. They know 100% that the earth has to change for us to continue living on it. 

That change starts with them.

It is of the upmost importance to guide them, and allow them the freedom to explore, and start making these changes today.

One common thing I see amongst these blessed light casters is an ADD, or ADHD diagnosis. Their immune systems can also be weaker as they are unable to assimilate some of the present toxins we breathe in and consume. It is not a coincidence that scientists have discovered links between ADHD and environmental toxins. It is this along with a medicated solution, these gifted children are forgetting their soul’s purpose, and their lights are sadly dimming. 

What really needs to be done is to allow them to shine their light BRIGHTER! Listen, love, and PLAY with them! 

Small steps such as being in chemical free environments, creative education, working together, being in and saving nature, and being treated with respect, is what is needed.

Instead of trying to get them to conform to “our” world (which some of it is completely pointless), let’s listen. They are showing us the truth. They are showing us what HAS to change in our world today if we want to keep our earth. 

It is true these are the children of the future, if we want there to be a future.

We must embrace, listen, and allow.

Let's listen to them, learn from them, and P.L.A.Y. (Promoting Lasting Alterations for You) with them! 

We are a community based out of St. Louis Missouri. Each month, we come together for connection, community, and creation. It is true that the generation of these light beings are here to teach us. So each month, one new light being will lead the way. 

We also have a beloved Soul Circle led by a fellow light caster, and indigo being, Stef. Soul Circle is a community for teens and young adults. We meet every other Monday at Silver Lining, in St. Louis, Missouri. Not here? That's okay! We can Skype or FaceTime you in! 


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