Feng Shui for Prosperity & Purpose

If you are seeking Feng Shui cures and tips to help you attract career success and prosperity, YOUR STROLLED UPON THE RIGHT SPACE!

It doesn't matter if you have learned Feng Shui, are an expert, or a novice, this workshop will send your tail spinning! And it will be fun ... because that is always a goal!

In these three hours together, you will learn how to assess how energy is flowing through your space (home, office, or both; you choose), what is necessary for the shift you want, and learn what you can do so that you can begin to enhance your mega manifestation abilities! 

You are a manifestor don't you know! Let's unleash that wild magician in you! What it boils down to is this ...

Move your stuff, change your life, and begin thriving and creating the career prosperity you want!

In this workshop, you will get clear about what you want for your purpose and wallet, and come up with a plan of action to make it happen! You will ...

  • Set the intention to create unlimited abundance in your life

  • Learn a variety of tips to help attract success

  • Find out which colors and elements attract prosperity and wealth, and more importantly are suited for YOUR personal element

  • THEN get inspired with that color and design

  • Receive an old and proven to work (time and again I must say) Feng Shui remedy I have only offered ever before in Feng Shui packages

  • Enhance your office and/or home for maximum livelihood success

  • Get easy to implement, low cost and fast acting remedies for you

3/31/18 ~ 10 am - 1 pm

Silver Lining
13418 Clayton Road
Town & Country, MO 63131

Cost: $75

Questions?!  Contact me here! OR if you are ready to sign up ...

Gina is amazing and knows Feng Shui! She made countless recommendations for both my home and business. What I appreciate most however, is she always tries to draw from what I already own, vs. recommending that I replace everything to bring my home into balance. The results .… This woman is a major manifestor! As soon as I executed on her recommendations, I began to see amazing changes happen in all aspects of my life. I can not recommend Gina’s Feng Shui talents enough, to anyone looking to bring harmony to their home!
— Erin Garay, San Carlos, CA, Owner - Love, Health, Thrive & Author of “Angel Birthdays”