Feng Shui your home or office, and learn how energy is flowing through your space, what is necessary for the shift you want, and what you can do so that you can begin to manifest a life beyond anything you could imagine. Move your stuff, change your life, and begin thriving and creating the relationship you want with your family, money, health, travel, creativity, knowledge, recognition, and of course yourself.

Does Feng Shui have you wondering? Push Play!

A Feng Shui consultation can be done in person or from a distance, and looks like this …

  • Make 3 wishes! Come up with 3 intentions you want to manifest.
  • Show me the floor plan. Drawing it on a white sheet of computer paper works just fine. Doors, windows, and large furniture should be noted.
  • Give me the names and birthdays of everyone dwelling in the space.
  • Let me see your space. I can do a site visits for an added fee, or pictures, video or skype work too!
  • You will then receive a detailed property assessment and explanation using the BTB Bagua Map, with a personalized Feng Shui suggestion checklist.

A full consultation includes …

  • Property Assessment
  • 5 Element Analysis
  • Color & Shape Suggestions
  • Furniture Placement
  • A complete follow up report
  • Personalized checklist

$125 Per Hour

(2 Hour Minimum)

“Gina is amazing! Together, she and I walked through my house and she made countless recommendations. What I appreciated most though was that she really tried to draw from what I already owned. Instead of recommending that I replace everything to bring my home into balance, she suggested moving items from other rooms. She also started our meeting with gathering an understanding of our family and used this knowledge to bring our home into balance for everyone in it. Now onto the results… This woman is a major manifestor! As soon as I executed on her recommendations, I began to see amazing changes happen in all aspects of my life. I can not recommend Gina enough to anyone looking to bring harmony to their home!”
— Erin Garay, San Carlos, CA, Grief Specialist & Author of “Angel Birthdays”

Feng Shui and the Red Envelope

When paying via a check for Feng Shui remedies, it is customary for the client to present payment in a red envelope. The color red is an auspicious color, protecting all involved in the exchange and stopping negative energy.