This is a gentle tarot class, different than traditional tarot and oracle cards. It is lighter, connects you with your angels, and can be a great tool to enhance any business or life adventure. 

Great tool! I made good connections, learned so much, and Gina is such a gas! It has already opened doors. Was an awesome experience and hope to do many more! Gina’s gentle tarot is an awesome tool to add to your belt!
— Cinda C., Spiritual Intuitive,, Rio Rancho, NM

If you are ...

  • looking for a place to meet like minded, spirit centered people (some just starting out)
  • curious about esoteric and Divination tools, like oracle and tarot cards
  • someone who is drawn to cards but doesn't really feel confident in the process
  • ready to explore your inner Guru
  • wants to connect with their angels
  • strolled across this page somehow

This class is probably a pretty perfect fit for you! 

This is a process to deepen your intuition and connect further with your spirit and angel team. To read outside of the lines! 

In these three hours, you will be guided to use tarot and angels to assist with your next steps.

Upon completing this course, you will ....

  • have clarity to questions your questions

  • be in touch with higher source energy

  • be familiar with an Archangel trying to connect with you

  • have a basic understanding of the cards of the tarot

  • be able to receive helpful information to  make better choices for you

If you are confused about your purpose, lacking direction, and not quite sure how to take your holistic loving life to the next level, I am happy to see your healing hands here.

I invite you to journey with me in a safe, comfortable, and fun environment. You will be creating and strengthening your communication with your angels. To top it all off, I promise you it looks and feels completely safe.

This is a great tool to help you listen more clearly, help others more effectively, and have fun while navigating decisions for business and personal situations.

The tarot is how I began my journey. The tarot was my training wheels that set my connection on fire. It is what helped strengthen my angelic connection, and I want to help you do the same. 

I want to explain why I feel so strongly that you’re an amazing woman and teacher I’ve been very in touch with this over the past week – I’m in my last few days (day 26 of 30) of breathwork. I’ve been working with teachers, spiritual teachers of the past that I felt betrayed by. I’m working at both the acceptance of my part in the events and in seeing what was really occurring. In both instances, I went to the teacher to gain clarity on what I was experiencing and to work the relationship out in a new way. In both instances I was held at arm’s length and told I was incorrect in what I was perceiving. In one instance, told I was “too sensitive” and to do my work.

While I accept this, I also am very aware that it takes two Your walking the path with me/us, being real about the challenges and vulnerabilities along the way has allowed me to explore and begin healing those parts of myself that feel wounded and lost. I am grateful to them both because had those incidents not occurred, I may not have found YOU. Finding you has made all the difference for me, your “there are no rules” rule opened me in a way I had not experienced. This is a really short synopsis of my story – that I am ready to leave behind. So so much Love and appreciation for you, your leadership and your companionship. Wow, I am blessed!
— Deb N.
Gentle Tarot St. Louis
Gina has a natural talent for teaching esoteric material in a very fun and light-hearted way, without sacrificing depth. I not only learned how to read cards, I also deepened my relationship with the spiritual realm. Whether you are using these skills to build confidence in your business, or to strengthen your spiritual connection, you will benefit from this class. Highly recommend!!!
— Sarah Angelides, Art & Soul Healing,, St. Louis, MO

Next Class: 4/21, 10 AM - 1 PM
Silver Lining, Town & Country Missouri

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This course is accredited by:

Accredited by The American Council of Holistic Healers
Accredited By The World Metaphysical Association
Accredited By Reiki Rays Institute

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