archangel Power Hour

Learn about a new Archangel the last week in each month, and play with them all month long!


The Archangels are the guardians of people. Archangels can be called on to assist with matters involving all humankind, including career / purpose, love, health, friendships and other life areas. The Archangels are known as “Chief Messengers,” and each one has a speciality. Inviting them into your life can be empowering, and all around life changing! During Archangel Power Hours, you can expect to learn more about the Archangel realm. Each month, a new Archangel will visit, and you will learn where you can feel them, what colors are associated, what they help with, what tools you can use, how to connect with them, and so much more!


Price: $25

Angel Circles

What if  you had proof that you have an angelic team that is just waiting to reach out to connect with you? You can, and it simply begins with intention, one breath at a time!

There is always something to learn! It is a pleasure to host Angel Circles, and it is a delight to witness the connection and healing that happens. There are two options for circle size; either 8 people maximum or 5 people maximum. Circles are packed with connection, purpose, messaging, and fun! During this 90 minute session, Gina will connect with your angelic team, and deliver messages for your highest good. Each person in attendance is guaranteed to receive angel messaging, and walk away with a clearer understanding of what to do next. This is a perfect opportunity to connect with your angels for the first time, or to check in and say hello again!

Angel Circle: $30

Intimate Angel Circle: $40

Tarot Certification

This tarot certification course is different than traditional tarot, and oracle cards. It is lighter, so much more gentle, and can be a great tool to enhance any business or life adventure.

In it's entirety, it is a 3 level, 18 week course diving into the tarot. It is accredited, action packed, and so much fun! This is a good class for anyone interested in learning more about Tarot, in a safe and fun environment. Learn more here ...

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*To ensure everyone receives messaging, space is limited. RSVP today to reserve your space.

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My experience with Gina has been nothing short of amazing! The first time I met her, I knew she was someone who was going to be a huge influence on my life and the journey that I was ready to begin. Our sessions are so filled with goodness and love because that is where Gina works from with each of her clients. I am always comfortable in her presence and know that she is going to help lead me to make decisions that are going to put me on the right path to get everything that I want out of my life. She truly cares about you and how you are feeling not just during her sessions, but even in the days and months that follow. I always knew that I had angels around me and that I was receiving signs, but I never understood what messages I was receiving until I started seeing Gina. I feel like since we met, I have grown in ways I never could have imagined and I am stronger in my faith and love for myself and those around me. Life isn’t meant to be stressful and I now see the joy that each day can bring if you are grateful and truly believe that you are meant to live a life of happiness. From her sessions, to her Angel Circles, to classes, I can’t say what has impacted my life the most! It has been a combination of all of those along with an amazingly gifted person, who I don’t only consider an intuitive counselor, but now a friend. I have recommended Gina to several family members and will continue to recommend her to anyone who feels called to seek out their best life. Who doesn’t want that?
— Kristin D., St. Louis, CA
Angel Circle was an amazing gift. Though the group was random, the similarities and the pathways you talked about was astonishing. I’ve always known I had a guardian angel and I’ve always appreciated her (Francesca) and it’s nice to know that there are other angels and angel guides willing to watch out for us. At this point, I want to believe everything good and I loved everything the angel’s said about my past, present and future. Now, it’s up to me to follow the guides….

— Pam W. St. Louis, MO
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