Welcome to Gentle Angel Tarot, Level I!

I am so glad you are here, following your true north star, and ready to develop the essence within you that will surely shine the light for others for years to come

First things first, there are a few overall details to address real quick like! Before you get started in week one, please watch this video. It's only gonna take a few ... 6:28 in fact... promise!


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Now on to the course work! There are new handouts and a video each week. It will help to have the handouts printed and ready to go while watching the video. I recommend printing the coursework to have handy while watching the videos.

I am so glad you are here, your angels and spirit team are jumping up and down, and now we can dig on in!


    Week I

    • The Golden Rule
    • Introduction to Spirit Vocabulary
    • The Major Arcana
    • Developing Claircognizance
    • The Celtic Cross Card Spread
    • Introduction to Archangel Michael

    Week II

    • The Fire / Wands / Archangel Gabriel Suit
    • Developing Clairvoyance
    • The Light My Fire Card Spread
    • Using Muscle Testing
    • Introduction to Archangel Gabriel

    Week III

    • The Water / Cups / Archangel Raphael Suit
    • Developing Clairsentience
    • The Inner Child Card Spread
    • Using a Pendulum
    • Introduction to Archangel Raphael

    Week IV

    • The Air / Swords / Archangel Michael Suit
    • Developing Clairaudience
    • Check  Your Ego Amigo and Itty Bitty Shi**y Committee Card Spreads
    • Healing the Sacred Heart Center Space
    • Introduction to Archangel Ambriel

    Week V

    • The Earth / Pentacle / Archangel Ariel Suit
    • Developing Clairgustance and Clairscent
    • The Money Honey Spread
    • Using Your Body as a Pendulum
    • Introduction to Archangel Ariel

    Week VI

    A week of connection, celebration, and merging!

    • Personalized Invocation Creation
    • Original Card Spread Creation
    • Jumper Cards
    • Upside Down Cards
    • Introduction to Archangel Azrael
    • Final Exam


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