Level II: Week VI

WHA?! How does this always happen so quick?! Level two comes to a close this week. I hope you feel like you have a strong understanding of your number system. I say YOUR number system, because it is about choosing what feels right for you.

In this final week of level two, you will move through the hearing, seeing, feeling, or knowing of the Ace. A very powerful love of a card, one of my favorites to see pop up! I love them!


Aces are magnificent cards that are to be loved on. When I see Aces in connections, they are met with much delight and joy.

Why do I love Aces so much? They are like the hand of the universe. They will give you information on what the universe is handing to you, from sources heart to yours. 

Open your hands and heart to receive the gift. 

*The card spread this weeks goes hand in hand with the message of the Ace (cheesy pun intended).


Video: Ace

third Eye Chakra Feng Shui Fun

This week, use light, the indigo color, and gemstones to switch things up a bit. You may also be inspired by your dream time, and perhaps try something you are given in your dreams. The third eye is all about seeing, so LOVE what you see and make sure that it is setting a positive tone for your life.

This Weeks Card Spread: The Gift Of The Heart

The Ace brings us so much information, providing us insight on what the universe is handing us. It is always a heart centered gift from source to our heart. This spread will help you to understand the gift of the heart, from the universe to you. 

Meet Archangel Raziel

Archangel Raziel is a wizard, a magician, and a manifestor who will help you understand that you can create a life beyond your wildest imagination. He will put you in touch with truly seeing how anything is possible. 


Choose any card spread you would like to use for this final submission in level two. Upon completion of your connection, please submit the following via email to support@ginanicole.net:

  • What the presence of Aces (or lack thereof) revealed this week
  • How you used the number system; what numbers helped you and how
  • What suits were missing from the spread and what information you were able to give because of that
  • The length in time it took you to complete the connection
  • How you experienced Archangel Raziel
  • Was there a sense of any other Archangel that in for you or unfamiliar presence
  • EXTRA CREDIT: Submit a picture of how you applied Third Eye Feng Shui

Your Number System

Please submit your number system along with your homework. You can simply submit that in the body or use the worksheet in this link.

Final Exam

When you are ready, the quiz is in this link. The exam code is: JNW8GTry not to use your notes. It will help you to ascend to a higher place, and help me to know where you may need further support. 

Open your heart to receive the gifts of source energy. 

Love always,