Heart's Desire Retreat

Passion, Prosperity, and Purpose in Puerto Vellarta

October 19-26, 2017

Where you create space for your creative flow to move with your spirit. Let it flow!

Puerto Vellarta Retreat

January 2017 it all started for us ...

... we manifested a trip to the beautiful Ocho Cascadas in Puerto Vellarta, Mexico. (And by beautiful, whoa, that is understatement). Day one we were completely in love with the level of gorgeousness of this place. 

By day two, we were having experiences and opening up to the vastness this mighty vortex had to offer; seeing auras, allowing ideas to flow, and receiving physical manifestations. (click here to see Gina's "Angel Kiss" here on her arm).

By day three, we were doing this ... 

Any guesses? We were checking into the energy and pulling cards to see what this gorgeous space had to offer. 

The result of that? You are reading it! 

We know with our whole hearts, if we had the experiences we did while we were in this manifesting maven, you certainly will too! 

It is possible for you to create the life your heart desires in truth.

With everyday distractions, that can sometimes be more challenging. 

When you remove yourself from the distractions, give yourself space to be in creative flow, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, HAVE FUN, miracles unfold and good shift happens!

The kind of shift that dreams are made of. The kind of shift you just can't make up!

So our angels and teams put our hearts together to come up with something that is free flowing, creative, AND FUN!

The moment we knew with our whole hearts, this is what your heart wanted, we sat with our flower of life laptops and let it flow!

And boy did it flow!

We invite you to join us for a week of paradise bringing all of your luggage; your swimwear if desired, your pjs, your passion(s), a few ideas, probably some confusion, maybe frustration, and the old idea you don't have a whole lot of time to do anything about it.

We are going to help you go through that luggage, declutter it, and make sure you leave only with your purpose, your challenges, tools to deal with your challenges, what you are super good at in this world, and with a media platform (website) if you want one! 

It is completely delightful and we are giddy to share!

Heart's Desire Retreat Details

WHEN: October 19-26, 2017

WHERE: Ocho Cascadas Resort, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, Villa #2

Choose from three investment options!  To reserve your learning experience, use the links below. 

A 30% deposit is due upon reserving your space, all payments due by August 19. Please note that all payments are non-refundable and there is a 3.75% fee added to all credit card transactions.

The links below will allow you to sign up and pay in full. If you would like to be invoiced, please choose the "pay later" option.

(Breakfast and Lunch Included)

Retreat Intention

Thursday: Check In

Friday: Hearts Desire Retreat Day 1 (9:30 AM - Noon, 2pm-4pm), Cocktail Reception PM

Saturday: Hearts Desire Retreat Day 2 (9:30-1:30) Afternoon Free to Explore

Sunday: Hearts Desire Retreat Day 3 (9:30 AM - Noon, 2pm-4pm),

Monday: Implementation Day

Tuesday: Implementation Day

Wednesday: Implementation Day

Thursday: AM Check Out

* Implementation Days are optional. We strongly encourage them. Think hanging out in the fresh air, chatting with high vibrating babes to bounce ideas off of, writing copy, creating websites, and being in laughter and conversation to keep the creativity flowing! You just don't get this everyday. 


Where The Miracle happens ...

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Who We Are

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Elizabeth Clinton

Elizabeth has been utilizing both ancient and modern modalities to assist people in living lives they love for 35 years.  She has a world-wide clientele, and her practice is based in Northern California.

She takes pride in taking really big concepts and teachings, and making them easy for you to understand and utilize in every day life. Elizabeth is very well practiced and achieved at creating prosperity and abundance in her life, and can help you do the same. 

She loves sharing all of the things she has studied so diligently for so long, with all of her clients. 

People call her the answer lady, and what she really does is guide you to the real answers already in your heart. 

She always want to know "why?!" And that is what she aims to assist you in doing. 

She does that through Aura-Soma color consultations, reading the 52 Helpers Cards (traditional playing cards), Prosperity Master Mind Coaching, and more

These tools combined with intuition, compassion and common sense allows Elizabeth to assist you in powerfully living a life you love. 

Gina Nicole Ballard

Gina Nicole is a Feng Shui Practitioner and Angel Intuitive. She began spirit seeking when she was 15 years old, diving into crystals, esoteric rituals, religion, and digging for information on the more she knew was out there.

From the time she was 5, she said she wanted to be a nurse. Even though she knew she disliked blood and could physically feel others people’s wounds. In reality, she simply knew her truth was to help others live an improved life, and didn’t know what to call it.

After overcoming her own personal challenges in the areas of health, career and relationships, she has dedicated her life to help you do the same. Gina is committed to working in a place of light, love, and integrity. Her intention is to remain sincere and have fun, while supporting you to get in touch with your magic, and manifest the future beyond your wildest dreams.