Welcome to Your
RYEE® Angel mentorship program

A program dedicated to working with your angel team to 'Raise Your External Energy.'

Welcome to the RYEE® container, a scared space devoted to 'Raising Your External Energy.' I appreciate and honor your courage. It is a true privilege to witness you commit to your personal self-growth and self-love.

There is no 'quick-fix' manifestation secret. To create a life beyond your wildest dreams will take consistency, love, and support. THAT is what I am grateful to be able to offer you here.

My promise to you is that I have designed this program with loving intent to be easy, actionable, and most importantly YOURS! If there is anything you want for me to know or you want to get in touch, email me at RYEE@ginanicole.net.

It is an honor to be here with you! 



Members of this container are here to learn together and seek guidance. While all participants are encouraged to share, reach out, and learn from one another, it is advised to stay in a non-comparison mindset. Each person in this container comes from different religious beliefs, backgrounds, and has their own story. Please use compassion and meet each journey with love. All are welcome! Please always hold the main objective to lift one another,  while ultimately 'Raising Your External Energy.'


This site and all of its contents including all courses and the mentorship is a source of information only. The information contained in this site, on the calls, in the live discussions, and in all courses, should never be considered a substitute for professional medical professional where appropriate. This work is not affiliated with a religion. Gina Nicole, LLC disclaims any liability. The information received should not be seen as medical or mental health advice.