RYEE ™ mentorship program

A program dedicated to 'Raising Your External Energy.'

If you are seeking guidance, and are ready to commit to your personal self-growth and self-love plan, I invite you to consider my RYEE ™ (Raising Your External Energy) mentorship program.

I have three main goals for this program:

Connect with angels through pendulum work.
  1. To assist you in identifying energetic blocks, then guide you to break old habits. 
  2. To guide you to communicate effectively with your angel and spirit team.
  3. To support you in a container that will lift you and help you to raise your external energy.

What does it mean to "Raise Your External Energy"?!

Around your body are fields of energy. Everything you think, feel, do, say, is also a part of that energy. The law of attraction states like attracts like. So if you think, feel, do, and say cruel and negative things, you attract those experiences. 

You don't do it on purpose, and of course don't want to do it, but it happens. Here is the thing I see everyone want, THERE IS NO OVERNIGHT SECRET THAT CAN CORRECT THIS, and what has taken years for you to create in your mind and life, isn't going to go away over night. WITH COMMITMENT, GUIDANCE, AND SUPPORT, IT IS MUCH EASIER. I want to help you explore your next level. 

This is what the RYEE ™ Mentorship Program is designed to do!

My speciality and passion is to guide you and lift you to be a magnet that is LOVE based, optimistic, and abundant, so that you may create a life of those things. 

You will be the decision maker in your program, with a choice to focus on personal, business, family, health, etc. However, your spirit team is going to help you and guide you to that decision each month. While our human minds likes to separate life areas into categories (relationship, career, family, self-love, etc) it really is all one channel of energy. Let's get into that channel and raise the shift out of it! 

This program is designed to be simple, easy, and actionable.

My promise to you; when you commit, you will 'Raise Your External Energy.'

SPACE IS LIMITED, you have three options to join me:

Earth Angel Membership

Earth Angel Level

Spread your earth angel wings, and commit to a path of growth. In this level of membership, you are a part of group that will receive:

  • Introduction to Monthly Angel
  • Monthly Message with Intention
  • Clear Action Steps to Manifest Intention of the Month
  • Unique Monthly Meditation
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls (without question submission)


Monthly Investment:   $19.99


Virtue Angel Level

The Virtue Angel Membership will deepen and personalize your experience. This level of offering includes everything from the Earth Angel level, PLUS:

  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls (with question submission)
  • Personalized Monthly Mantra
  • Monthly Educational Tools - Deepen Your Connection through Chakra Work With the Angels and Feng Shui


Monthly Investment:   $29.99

Cherubim Angel Level

Just as Cherub Angels are "fullness of wisdom" in the angelic realm, such is this program in Gina's world! This level of offering includes everything from all levels, PLUS: 

  • Personal Monthly One on One Session 
  • Mid-Month Follow Up Message
  • Receive Guidance and Gain Clarity for Life and Business
  • Discover Energetic Blocks
  • Step by Step Follow Through Plan

Monthly Investment:   $150

Throughout all levels of mentorship, you will:

  • Experience exclusive members-only content
  • Connect with others who share your journey and receive loving support in an online forum
  • Have a safe place to share your story, and learn

Please review the terms and conditions of mentorship before clicking “Subscribe” at the bottom of this page.  Clicking “Subscribe” indicates you have read and agree with the terms and conditions of mentorship.


Members of this container are here to learn together and seek guidance. While all participants are encouraged to share, reach out, and learn from one another, it is advised to stay in a non-comparison mindset. Each person in this container comes from different religious beliefs, backgrounds, and has their own story. Please use compassion and meet each journey with love. All are welcome! Please always hold the main objective to lift one another,  while ultimately 'Raising Your External Energy.'


You will be signing up for a monthly membership. The monthly charge will appear on your credit card billing statement. Your account will be automatically billed as long as you remain a member of this container. Please be assured that you may contact me at anytime regarding your membership.


This site and all of its contents including all courses and the mentorship is a source of information only. The information contained in this site, on the calls, in the live discussions, and in all courses, should never be considered a substitute for professional medical professional where appropriate. This work is not affiliated with a religion. Gina Nicole, LLC disclaims any liability. The information received should not be seen as medical or mental health advice.