RYEE ™ Mentorship Program ~ March

When the soul interconnects with Source and you can breathe into connection, you activate a place where alignment happens. You will gather a new sense of self, you will harmonize, and you will begin to understand what your soul wants to do. And here we are at Chakra Nine.

Please mark your calendar for our this month's call times: 

3/5/18 @  5 PM CST ( 3 PM PST /  6 PM EST)

3/17/18 @ 12 PM CST ( 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST)

(Meeting log in information is at the bottom of this page)  

March's Message:


Pay attention to you. This month is all about harmony and coming into harmony with all that is. AND it is important that peace starts with YOU. Take care of you in EVERY way. 



This Month's Angel:

Archangel Mariel

 Image Credit: Diana Cooper

Image Credit: Diana Cooper

Archangel Mariel is know as the Archangel of memories.

This archangel energy will help you to remember, process events in your memory, will help you to stand up for what is right, and assist you to own your own truth.

You will be reminded to stand in your truth, HARMONIZE with it, and do what you are called to do with that truth in your heart. 

Meditation & Action Step For The Month Of March

Continue to meditate daily, and if not, at least weekly. Make it a point to say your mantra and reflect on it each day. Also by now, it will help you greatly to still be manifesting with the moon cycles, ESPECIALLY THE NEW MOON ABUNDANCE CHECK. When misalignments come up for you, pay attention to what chakra is speaking. For example, if your sacral chakra is talking to you, revisit the hand emotion work from August. You now have a whole workbook on action steps correlating to certain chakras. Feel into what is true for you.

For this month, I encourage you to visit the action in mediation at least twice this month. Print the PDF in the button below, or keep it in front of you. This is an actionable mediation, so as you move through it, write and take note of the prompts if you feel called. 

It is a pleasure to introduce you to Dr. Dawn ...

This is one powerFULL woman. Her story is intense, forgiving, and if anyone can speak to harmony, it is this loving person right there! Meet Dr. Dawn Christman. 


Group Call #1

Group Call #2


All calls are conference calls in Zoom, and you will have 3 options to join as follows: 

  1. Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android, by clicking this link or copying and pasting this link in your web browser.  https://zoom.us/j/271200488

  2. Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll):  +14086380968,,271200488# or +16465588656,,271200488#

  3. Or Telephone:
        Dial: +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll)
        Meeting ID: 271 200 488
        International numbers available, click on this link.

I encourage you to use option one so I can see your beautiful face.