Welcome To The RYEE ™ Mentorship Program

It is a joy to welcome you here! Truly. An honor and a joy. I am holding space for the work we do together. When you commit to this opportunity for next twelve months, you will shift to new heights. There is no doubt. I couldn't be in more joy to welcome you!

All of the opportunities in this course stem from your very own energy centers, and we will be focusing on the chakra system in a very unique way. Feng Shui is a vessel for that.

If you have not worked with me before, please take some time to have a basic understanding of The Bagua Map and The Five Elements. The following articles will introduce you to both:

Also, any time you begin an acension or up-leveling process, it helps to de-clutter. Use my Declutter Checklist to inspire you. 

Alas, I am all about having a place for a discussion to take place, so join me on facebook ...

*Disclaimer: All content including videos, meditations, pdf documents, and texts in this course may be not copied, altered, distributed, or reproduced without permission. If you would like to reuse content from this course in any way, please seek written permission of release from Gina Nicole Ballard.
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