RYEE ™ Mentorship Program

Welcome Virtue and Cherub Level Members

This Month discover the energetics of your throat in alignment with the Law of Vibration. 
Raise Your External Energy with the help of Feng Shui in your home, supporting your Throat Chakra, and using the Law of Vibration.

Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration is the law that reminds you that when anything that exists (doesn't matter if you can see it or not)  is broken down into it's basic form, is pure light. It is energy that resonates at a vibrational pattern

Remember this is EVERYTHING; thoughts, feelings, objects, people, place, all matter. 

Be reminder that you do CHOOSE your thoughts, feelings, reactions, and your actions. Those all have their own vibrational resonance. These vibrational properties will match with whatever has equal or identical frequency.

So that old saying like attracts like is literal! Your every thought, feeling, word, and actions are connected to the rest of the universe. When you choose to have good thoughts, you will get more of that! You will be aligned with others that are in this harmonious vibration as well. 

Science has shown that everything is ultimately made up of packets of energy that vibrates at varying frequencies. Quantum physics proves that even matter appearing to be solid, is still broken down into small components of molecules, atoms, neutrons, electrons and quanta (the smallest particles measurable). 

EVERYTHING is made of energy. All energy vibrates. 

Something really interesting to contemplate, is the more 'solid' the object, the faster the speed of vibration, and the less dense the slower the vibration. 

For humans, it all begins with thought. When your conscious mind focuses on any one thing, it becomes imprinted in your mind, deep in you subconscious. This becomes the dominant resonance of your being, that sets the tone with similar vibrations, in turning bringing them into your life. It is true manifestation! 

As we learned last month, it's all relative. Another way to look at it is this way; the whole universe is actually mind. In turn, your choice in how you are vibrating are affecting everything in your life; environment, animals, nature, other people, money, career, home, etc.

Your feeling, thoughts, words, and actions will ALWAYS set your tone and direct your energy. 

Get in check with yourself; positive thoughts, actions, words, and especially feelings = positive experience, and vice versa. Choose the VIBRATION that is uplifting! 

“You just can’t live that negative way.
You know what I mean. Make way for the positive day. Cause it’s a new day...”
— Bob Marley

The Throat Chakra

Month five is here, and it is time to get in touch with your expression. EXPRESS all that you are grounded in, have created, stood in your power with, and absolutely are standing in that true place in your heart. 

Feng Shui

Remember chakras are energy centers in your body that radiate outward into your auric field. Using Feng Shui will only support that outer field. Here are the Feng Shui articles for reference. 



  3. You can use the calculator in this link to figure out your element.

Throat Chakra Feng Shui

Tune into your environment this month; pay attention to sectors seven (expression) and eight (cultivation). You may even want to love on sector nine (how you are recognized). Bring sound, smell, and EXPRESSION into your space!

One On One Sessions

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Group Calls

October Call Times:

11/9/17 @ 6 PM CST ( 4 PM PST / 7 PM EST)

11/21/17 @ 1 PM CST ( 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST)

All calls are conference calls in Zoom, and you will have 3 options to join as follows: 

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I encourage you to use option one so I can see your beautiful face. 

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