RYEE ™ Angel Retreat
(With a 30 Day Transformation Preparation)

May 30 - June 6, 2019

A program dedicated to journeying with you as you
'Raise Your External Energy.'

Where you have the space for your creative flow to connect with your angels and Source.

Puerto Vellarta Retreat

You are ready to get away, give your self space to get clear, and allow the messages from your angel team to come to you easily. 

And so you are here. 

In 2017, a journey began for me at the beautiful Ocho Cascadas in Puerto Vellarta, Mexico. (And by beautiful, whoa, that is understatement). I AM completely in love with the level of gorgeousness and luxury of this place, and I know you will be too.  

I had experiences here that allowed me to easily open up to the vastness this mighty vortex had to offer; aura formation, allowing ideas to flow, and receiving physical manifestations. (click here to see my "Angel Kiss" that I received during the night on my arm).

The result of that? You are reading it! 

I know with my whole being, that because I have had the experiences I always do while in this manifesting maven, you certainly will too! 

It is possible for you to create your own manifestations and miracles, and I want to be there to journey with you and hold space as you 'Raise Your External Energy.'

With everyday distractions, that can sometimes be more challenging. 

When you remove yourself from the distractions, give yourself space to be in creative flow, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, HAVE FUN, miracles unfold and good shift happens!

The kind of shift that dreams are made of. The kind of shift you just can't make up!

My angels, team, and Big Kahuna spirit guide have helped me with this process. I am ready to dive deep with you, to take time out to walk with you while you RYEE® (Raise Your External Energy). What better place to do that than Puerto Vallarta Mexico!?

Gina Nicole Retreat

I invite you to join me for a seven night stay in paradise (and it is paradise - see the photos below)! Bring ALL of your luggage; your swimwear, your pjs, your passion(s), your ideas, your confusion, frustration, and the old idea you don't have a whole lot of time to do anything about it.

I am going to help you go through that luggage, declutter it, and make sure you leave only with clarity, angelic connection, and an external energy space where you feel truly ready to rise. 

I am honored to deliver this offering to you. 

Join me and be prepared to dive into ...

  • Meditation

  • Angel Connection

  • Wisdom Card Play

  • Creative Expression

  • Chakra Exercise

  • Daily Pilates

  • Community Work

  • Ceremony


And this is just the tip of the sandcastle. I can promise you this; it is my goal to ensure you leave with more clarity, a new experience with your angel / spirit team, and an action plan to continue to help you 'Raise Your External Energy' when you return home.

May 1st you will also begin a transformative journey that I call "Transformation Preparation." I am dedicated to helping you feel the shift and the difference, and so we shall begin the process in May. This will include: 

  • A weekly assignment

  • Two group angel intuitive calls (recorded)

  • Direct angel messaging for YOU

  • Being held in the prayer field

RYEE ® Angel Retreat 2019

WHEN: May 30th - June 6th

PLEASE NOTE: You will have the option to arrive May 30th or May 31st.

WHERE: Ocho Cascadas Resort, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

To keep the experience intimate and connected, there are a limited number of available beds. Each room is priced differently based on it’s unique offering, and will be posted soon! If interested, you can email support@ginanicole.net to see the price list.

Each package includes your stay at the luxurious Ocho Cascadas resort, breakfast, lunch, two dinners, retreat costs, and transport to and from the resort. 

If you know someone you want to share a bed with, ask about double occupancy rates!

Heart's Desire Retreat
Heart's Desire Retreat

(Breakfast, Lunch, & 2 Dinners Included)

Please note that all payments are non-refundable and there is a 3.75% fee added to all credit card transactions.

Take A Look!

Retreat Agenda

Friday: Check In - Evening Cocktail Party with Dinner to Follow

Tuesday, Day Four: 
8 AM - Yoga / Breakfast
11:30 AM to 1 PM In Session
1 PM Lunch
5 PM to 9 PM Evening Dinner Event

Wednesday, Day Five: 
8 AM - Yoga / Breakfast
10 AM to 1 PM - In Session
1 PM - Lunch
Afternoon Free to Explore or Receive Spa Treatments
4-5:30 - In Session

Thursday, Final Day Six:
9:30 AM - Closing
Check Out by 11 AM

Saturday, Day One: 
8 AM - Yoga / Breakfast
10 AM - Welcome
11 AM to 1 PM - In Session
1 PM - Lunch
2 PM to 3:30 PM - In Session

Sunday, Day Two: 
8 AM - Yoga / Breakfast
10 AM to 1 PM - In Session
1 PM - Lunch
Afternoon Free to Explore or Receive Spa Treatments
Optional: Dinner in Town

Monday, Day Three: 
8 AM - Group Movement / Breakfast
10 AM to 1 PM In Session
1 PM Lunch
2-3:00 PM In Session


Your Accommodations ...

Each Villa is equipped with your own private pool, a fully equipped kitchen with all supplies you can imagine, and you can order groceries before your arrival. You will have the option of cooking for yourself, and you can also arrange for a personal chef to come in and prepare a delicious and healthful meal of your choosing. The Ocho Cascadas staff is complete with a front desk concierge who can arrange excursions if you wish, spa treatments, and order groceries. You will have a villa maid, turn down service, and a gardner who will keep your villa pristine.

The bedrooms each have an ocean view, with the availability to be completely private using curtains you can draw. Each bedroom does have one large King Size bed, with a private bathroom. If you are choosing to split the cost with a friend, you will be sharing a bed. (The beds are very large, and they fit two people comfortably!)

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 5.33.50 AM.png

Who I AM 

Gina Nicole Retreat
Gina Nicole Retreat

Gina Nicole Ballard


I AM a Feng Shui Practitioner and Angel Intuitive, who began spirit seeking when I was 15 years old, diving into crystals, esoteric rituals, religion, and digging for information on the more I knew was out there.

From the time I was 5, I said I wanted to be a nurse. Even though I knew I disliked blood and could physically feel others people’s wounds. In reality, I think what I was really saying was I simply knew my truth was to help others live an improved life, and didn’t know what to call it.

After overcoming my own personal challenges in the areas of health, career and relationships, I have dedicated my life to help you do the same. I AM committed to working in a place of light, love, and integrity. My intention is to remain sincere and have fun, while supporting you to get in touch with the miracle within you, and manifest the future beyond your wildest dreams. 

Feel welcome to read more about my work here