Whispers of Why

A workshop that will address: Why AM I here? Why did I come to this earth? Why does this matter?

Everyday you get whispers from your angels that guide you to your next steps and point you to your best life. And your best life is possible; you came into this life with a blueprint already laid out that is so much greater than what you can imagine. 

I speak to at least one person each week who wants to dive deeper into their "purpose," why there are here, and what their higher calling is. The truth is only YOU will be able to ever address that for yourself, AND you have to create time and space to not only remember that, but to LISTEN TO THE WHISPERS. 

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma-which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.
— Steve Jobs

This class is designed for you if you ...

  • question your why and your purpose
  • are ready to get clear about your core values
  • want to learn more tools to help you learn about you
  • have a hard time knowing why you came
  • strolled across this page somehow

There are many tools you can use that whisper and hint toward your strengths and weaknesses. In this class, you will be introduced to the tools I personally used to understand better who I AM and why I CAME!

Upon completing this three hour workshop, you will...

  • become clear about your core values

  • access key tools that will give you more information about you

  • have an overview of the 12 Immutable Universal Laws (*The Law Of Attraction is only one of 12 key laws)

  • gain insight into what may be holding you back

  • have at least 3 action steps for next steps

If you are confused about your journey with money, I am happy to see your purposeful and searching hands here.

I invite you to journey with me in a safe, comfortable, and fun environment. You will be creating and strengthening your communication with your angels. To top it all off, I promise you it looks and feels completely safe.

Workshop: 10/6, 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Silver Lining, Town & Country Missouri

You have the option of joining live or from a distance.


I AM Gina Nicole and
I AM thrilled to see you here. 

Gina Nicole, Angel Intuitive and Feng Shui Practitioner

I used to be a slave to corporate America, and it was imprinted in me at a young age that I had to work hard for my money. So I did. And I continued to do so for several years. 

Eventually my body was SCREAMING at me; my hormones were saying “pay attention to me,” and my gut was yelling “knock that sh*t off!” (Pun intended). 

I did surrender and listened to my WHY. I dove deep into my values and finally understand love and freedom were embedded in me. A part of me. 

I dove into doing what I felt super called to do, and what I was good at; deepening my intuition and working with Source energy. I had no idea how that would change my life the way it did. IMMENSELY. 

I want to share with you some of the tools I used at the beginning of my process. It is learned, different, super FUN, and absolutely 100% NORMAL!

This course is accredited by:

Accredited by The American Council of Holistic Healers
Accredited By The World Metaphysical Association
Accredited By Reiki Rays Institute

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