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'Raise Your External Energy.'

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There is not a whole you need to do right now except focus on the work in the January container. I will be in touch the final week in January before February begins, and until then, know I love you big for saying yes to you! XO 


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If you need anything at all, email ryee@ginanicole.net.

As a recap, here are the various levels of the program.

RYEE® Mentorship Program 2019
RYEE® Mentorship Program 2019
  • Level III and II include all that level I includes. In addition, you receive a monthly one on one session that is concentrated. In that session we will invoke a specific angel and team for our work together. The 15 minute check in and clearing is done from a distance, and separate from the 45 minute one on one session.

  • The one on one sessions in levels III and II can be done in person or over the phone (recorded). 


* The premium level includes a one day deep dive, that will be co-collaborative and progressive. THERE IS SPACE FOR ONLY FOUR PEOPLE IN THE PREMIUM LEVEL. There will be an agreed upon implementation day. This day will be used to hone in on your main goal (think website building, meditation, angel invocation, Feng Shui, hands on healing, and more surprises that will hep you to bring your best life to a reality)! You will also receive complete Feng Shui support throughout the entirety of the program.

In all levels of mentorship, you will:

  • Experience exclusive members-only content

  • Connect with others who share your journey and receive loving support in an online forum

  • Have a safe place to share your story, and learn



Members of this container are here to learn together and seek guidance. While all participants are encouraged to share, reach out, and learn from one another, it is advised to stay in a non-comparison mindset. Each person in this container comes from different religious beliefs, backgrounds, and has their own story. Please use compassion and meet each journey with love. All are welcome! Please always hold the main objective to lift one another,  while ultimately 'Raising Your External Energy.'


This site and all of its contents including all courses and the mentorship is a source of information only. The information contained in this site, on the calls, in the live discussions, and in all courses, should never be considered a substitute for professional medical professional where appropriate. This work is not affiliated with a religion. Gina Nicole, LLC disclaims any liability. The information received should not be seen as medical or mental health advice.