Do angel cards attract demons and lead you down the wrong path??

While I have always been someone who sought a deeper connection to God, in around 2006 I felt like I was led to the edge of that journey. My life was crumbling; I was going through a divorce, I was diagnosed with every other autoimmune, stuck in a job that was draining me from the inside, and was shutting everyone out as I was going through a deep depression.

It was somewhere between receiving positive STD test results and being forced to give my dog up for adoption because I needed to move, that my girlfriend gifted me an Archangel Michael deck by Doreen Virtue. My light switched on. I may have been shutting everyone else out, but this was connecting me back into God. I hadn’t felt a connection like this in years. I was in love and there was no going back.

Naturally, I tuned into Doreen Virtue more, everything she taught made sense. The angels, the chakras, the angel numbers, the angel cards! I finally felt like the understanding and acknowledgement that I didn’t have in my failed marriage, had arrived.

I started to meet feel good people, friends, and teachers, and dove into different tools. All for the purpose of building my connection to God, that I had felt was previously so strained and lost.

I continued to follow my heart and little whispers on this path because I wanted to understand what was happening for me. I was seeing spirit, hearing random things, and receiving signs, but I felt so alone.

While I appreciated everything Doreen taught about the angels, she was so out of reach. So I found a local teacher that I felt could help me. That person ended up not fully leading from the heart (there was a lot of ego), which of course was a perfect match for my wounded self at the time.

One night, I was practicing with the Angel Tarot, and I didn’t do any of the things I now know to do (ground my energy, clear my space, close the connection). I also remember being nervous as shit. That’s important to note as fear attracts fear! I ended up falling asleep with the cards on the bed. Several hours later, there was a very loud bang, and my bed shifted to the middle of the room. My bed frame was metal and it sounded like a hammer hit the bed. I jolted up, and was petrified.

That only led me to be even more fearful, which ended up being a great lesson for me. That night taught me a lot, and it did teach me how evil can nosy in if the intention is not set correctly.

So recently when Doreen Viritue posted an image of a deck of her cards with, “Warning: Psychic cards can attract demons and lead you on the wrong path,” I don’t think she is totally off the mark. I have experienced such.

However, The Law of Correspondence and the principle of yin and yang, show us that there is a flip side to this, and I have found that is even more powerful and overcoming. That is, when used with intention and unconditional love, having a ritual with angel cards connecting us to higher source, can attract so much God energy, love, and lead us on a path that has the capability to turn our lives around for the better.

This is a really big topic in my world right now. This specific post caused a bit of a panic in some peeps in my community. I was waking up in the morning to emails and texts that were sent at 2 am!

I have not only made my own oracle card deck, I teach a whole class (some people apprentice with me) with the Angel Tarot as a basis, and I see clients every day where this tool is used. So as you can imagine, when she made her flip, a lot of my clients were very confused, upset, and lost.

Here are four questions that can help us ease through a process of a teacher taking back what they taught:

  1. When I think about __________, do I feel it in my heart (love) or stomach (fear)? Using inner wisdom can bring clarity, and help us to know how we really feel about something. We can go to as many self help books, articles, doctors, therapists, psychics, astrologist, and always, the answer will be in ourselves. Tune into that source like never before. Feel into what is right and true. Think about that topic that is hot. Notice if it is felt above the chest line, then it is pretty safe to say it is in love. If it is felt below the chest line, think twice, there may be fear.

  2. What is it that I see in this person that may be a reflection of me? Use compassion. Consider where that person is coming from, as there is a little of us in them. We are all mirrors and reflections for one another. If we see it, we be it. There is something calling to us to learn about ourselves.

  3. What do I fear? I always say, to get more clear, follow the fear. Go into it and find out if that big scary thing, is actually that scary.

  4. What am I judging? Knowing what we are judging is huge, especially if we have never experienced that thing that we are judging. For example, when judging Doreen for honoring what she feels from reading the bible, but have never read the bible, maybe do so before judging her.

For this specific topic on angel cards, I believe this is an invitation to go into our own beliefs and experiences. Part of what she says is true: psychic cards “can” attract lower energies. But what can’t? And I ask this sincerely.

Any tool that is used in a lower vibe way can. I wish Doreen would be more clear about this.

In my experience, it truly comes down to intent. If we use them intending to provide literal “answers,” to prophesize, to replace God, and begin to worship what they are saying, we have to check ourselves. I am being dramatic but I hope my point is clear.

My point in sharing is we can make headway if we can view her differently and take the duality out of it. I don’t think she is fully ”wrong.” And it doesn’t come down to just cards. As a side note, she did say psychic cards not Angel cards.

I believe this is her attempt at stressing they can be harmful when they are used in prophecy, idolatry or worship.

I do acknowledge that she is completely taken a one sided approach, and it is stirring fear.

From my perspective in what I see this is creating, there is fear all over her message and fear is fear .... it’s low and quite frankly (and I recognize this is my own judgement I need to sit with) is shitty.

In close, I want to share from a viewpoint from creating my own angel cards. The process was beautiful and gentle. It was light. I was woken in the wee hours to birth the various cards and images. The messages inspire and they are intended to connect people with their own truth and only develop a further connection with God.

In close, do you need an exorcism from using angel cards? Based on my perspective and experience, no. Use them with love, care, and intention. If there is uncertainty around creating a safe loving space before using them, please feel welcome to download the free angel mediation on the top bar of my website, that will help you to create a space of love.

You can also join one of my free classes and journey with me. You can sign up for the next one by clicking the button below! In the meantime, if you have fear, questions, concerns … share them! It is important to bring peace and oneness back.