I saw a post in a social media group today that made me cringe ...

A woman posted in a group I am in about tarot, and wanted to know who had a reading before. There was a person that commented on this woman's post, letting her know she reads tarot and could tell her what was going to happen next and promised to look at her former partner. 

Tarot is not bad!

Seriously lady!? This is what my face looked like to the right —>

It totally irked me.

Far too often people misuse and mis share. It is not okay! It is actually WHY I created myTarot & Angel Practitioner Program (currently open), because I just didn't see things out there that were in integrity. I wanted to bring love and God back to spiritual practices, and offer a place of integrity for people to come, learn, and share. 

I have some things I really want to clear up in the community I am a part of. Please allow me to share, and if you do have fears, ideas, or thoughts on the tarot ... I would love to hear below!

For me, and from my experience, the tarot is ...

* A beautiful tool of symbolism
* A gorgeous form of art based on intuition and perception
* A tool to go inward for clarity understanding confusing emotions
* A tool to guide you to your own true answers
* A tool to help you uncover challenges and conflict
* A way to easily look at things from a different view point
* A very cool reflection of the self
* A way to build a vocabulary with Spirit


* A divination tool
* A way to prophesize
* Salvation or something that will save you
* A thing to heal you
* A way to look at the future
* A way to look at someone else's anything (situation, feelings, etc)
* A crutch

If you are someone who wants a reading, and is considering that, or even learning the tarot ... ask the right questions before you choose to work with someone. Here are some to consider: 

* Do you prophesize? (Cautionary if so.)
* Are you able to tell me about other people in my life? (Cautionary if so- yes means they nosy into other people’s energy.)
* Are you able to heal me (Cautionary if so- no one is God and the work is to guide YOU to your own truth)
* Do you clear during your work and what happens with it if so? (You always want to hear that others are giving it up to a higher source, anything else is ego and cautionary).

As someone who does readings, integrity is really, really important to me in this work. All of my programming is accredited (looked over), and again, it's why I created my Tarot and Angel Practitioner Program. To stay high vibe and in integrity!

Tarot in general is wonderful! Just make sure you are aligned with the person you are working with.

I would love to hear from you on this, and would love to know your thoughts! Let me know in the comments below if you have confusion, doubt, or fears around it. Let's clear it up!

And if you want to dive in and know more about how I read cards in integrity, consider joining my webinar Monday at 5 PM CST: Sign up link is here: