Feng Shui has so many different components. We use the Bagua Map, various remedies, color, and in my practice, of course I always turn to the Angelic realm for guidance on what to work on!Another basic principle of Feng Shui that is greatly use, but may not necessarily be explained all of the time, is the 5 Element Theory. This is a popular theory used in many Traditional Chinese Medicine practices like Acupuncture. Astrologers, politicians, and many other people of the Chinese culture use the 5 Element Theory also, on a daily basis.So what is it, what does it all mean, and how do we apply it?The 5 Element Theory explains the producing and overcoming interaction of water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. These are the 5 elements we look at when balancing the home. This is actually a complicated and involved subject, and while we won’t get into the complexity here, it is important for people to have a basic understanding of this theory.First, consider the producing cycle: water nurtures or expands wood, wood nurtures or feeds fire, fire nurtures earth, earth nurtures metal, and metal nurtures or holds water. Each of the elements are also capable of overcoming another one. For example, what chops wood? An axe. An axe is metal. So the opposite of the nurturing cycle is the destructive cycle.The destructive cycle looks like this; water weakens or puts out fire, fire weakens or melts metal, metal weakens or chops wood, wood weakens or uproots earth, and earth weakens or absorbs water.It would take a lot more than 1 blog post to learn how to apply this to your home, but we can start with this. The 5 Elements should be fairly balanced. How do you do that? Each “thing” in your home is 1 of the 5 elements. Use the list at the bottom of this post to know what is of what element, and use the bagua map to know what goes where.Now, it is not only elements in your home that we can apply this theory too. Human energy is also affected by this; you, me, and even your house pets! Your birthday determines your elemental makeup. Using 9 Star Ki Astrology will help you to determine which of the 5 Elements your are.For example, I am a 2 Black Earth. That doesn’t mean that I should only wear earth colors and have a home of only earth decor. Remember, it is all about balancing the 5 elements. But knowing that wood overcomes and weakens earth, I know that the wood element (ie the color green) is a bit overcoming to me. No coincidence it really is not my favorite color!So you can use the theory in your home, wardrobe, and on a big day, to create supportive energy for yourself.

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