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It's an interesting time with Covid-19 lurking around. Feels are heightened, emotions are surfacing, maybe some new. If you are scared, it's okay. I see that fear. I am walking with you. Remember fear = action, no matter the case. Even in a pandemic.I really tuned into my own energy, and concerns. My auto immune and asthmatic history is nudging me in ways take in action and take better care of ME. I am honoring boundaries, and diving DEEP into self love and self care. Today’s Angel Message Monday is to help you do the same.Before you press play (or you can skip ahead), I want to share some of the ways I am taking action other than washing my hands OFTEN! I would love to hear ways that you are too!☆ Supplement awareness (Vitamin C to 2000 mg daily, keeping up with my zinc, D, Echinacea)☆ I am getting my sauna time in as often as I can☆ Listening to my intuition EVERY day and staying in the conversation (my free cards class this Wednesday is a good way to come into community if you want to join me in this - link below)☆ Celery juicing and natural juicing with a lot of fruits and veggies☆ Implementing great tips from people like Dr. Seth☆ Cutting back on sugar☆ I booked several sessions with my holistic chiro, Dr. Denise, to support my immunity. ☆ As I am asthmatic - I have upped my breath work ... not anything crazy, just a tad, but I am making sure to get to it daily.☆ To do our part in flattening the curve, we have limited the number of people coming through our home, and I have shifted to doing distant sessions for the time being.☆ I stopped hugging (or I’ll say my intention is to do so - sometimes I forget). I am a hugger by nature, so that one has been hit or miss!☆ Before the retreat last year, I did an a super vegan detox with Sakara. I am doing it again 3/24. It’s five days and at the end I really did feel so clean and clear. It was a definite boost to my immune system. If you are interested you can join me and a few close friends: http://fbuy.me/nruOe (Go to shop meal programs, detox level II)As I write this out, I feel it’s a lot!! BUT the gift in all of this is it really is all things I love to do anyway, and WANT to do. So in that, I am appreciative for this call to love. If you want to share what you are doing, I would love to hear! I am HEAR for you!Now onward with healthy love! XO

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