This Is One SURE Fire Thing That Will Block You From Getting What You Want ...

An unforgiving heart. If you live from memory, a story of once ago, a place of not "okayness," you create an ick around you, and draw more of that in. Today's message is focused on FORGIVENESS. My goal is to help you recognize a tad bit of information so that you can move it on up!If you want to go even deeper, I am offering an oracle cards class that will be focused on identifying blocks and moving through forgiveness with the Ho'oponopono (awesome tool if you don't know it). 7/28/18, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm at Silver Lining in STL.

Latest Angel Message Monday

{9.23}: A fresh start for the Full Moon in Aries this week!
Release and reinstate your fresh start this week!
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{9.18}: Take Action, Realign, Transform the Dense, and Embrace Your Light
An invitation to take action against the densities in life!
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{9.11}: Embrace the New Moon in Virgo this Thursday!
It's time to listen to your HOME!! It's whispering - are you listening?
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{9.4}: Embrace the Last Quarter Moon's Release
Begin to let go and flow!
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