Sacral Chakra: Honor Your Sensitivities

Today is not a video kind of day for me. Some Mondays I just don't want to be in front of a lens. Today is that Monday. The message however still wants to be heard, so if you are seeing this, pay attention to your sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is the energy center in your body that focuses on your right to feel, emotion’s, intimacy, joy, creativity, and it is also feeling through your gut (vs. thinking you feel through your brain).When balanced you are joyful, happy, creative, and sensual! When it is misaligned, the following may apply:You find you are being co-dependentYou have a hard time playing or finding joyHave a need for routine or have to have a planFind yourself saying "I am not creative" You take care of others feelingsYou are accused of being "oversensitive"Take on others energyCreate dramaFeel sexual discomfortStruggle with intimacy If you resonate with any of the above, love on this chakra! Here are a few tips and I invite you to choose ONE to commit to this week: The element of this chakra is water; drink water and hydrate.Add water elements and pictures to your home. CREATE! This is the energy center of creativity; draw, write, paint, journal, design. Orange is the color of this chakra; eat, wear, and surround yourself with orange.This is the chakra of sensuality, and is directly linked to your bedroom. Make sure the tones are soft (skin tone) or maybe try bringing in orange decor (flowers)!Try eliminating associated allergens; wheat, barley, gluten, grain, citrus.The meaning of this energy center is "one's own space," so make sure you not only create space for yourself (physical and energetic), but also LOVE it. Supportive essences; jasmine, orange blossom, rose, dragons blood, and saffron.The associated sense is taste; stock your kitchen with delicious (orange) food.Invoke Archangel Gabriel to support with creative writing, leadership and nurturing:"Thank you Archangel Gabriel for helping me to stay in my creative flow. Thank you for nurturing me so that my sacral chakra moves at ease in love."If you are seeing this, I have to believe that this is for you. Commit to one of the above suggestions, and you will see a difference. Small action steps, can create big change.I would love to know if this resonates, doesn't resonate, or maybe it does and you don't like the suggestions?! We can come up with something that will work! Stop being the martyr and be the empress or emperor that you are! From my creative sacral to yours! XO

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