Business Development & Website Build

This service is to assist those who are ready to turn their passions into profit. 

I don’t see building a business as “hard;” however, it requires time, commitment, consistency, expression, and FUN (working on it solo can be a drag)! 


If you are seeking help and support to build a process that works for you, and want to create a reflective website to share with the world, I can help.

In a business development and website building session, we will address the following together:

  • The energetic makeup of your brand including color choices and photos

  • Clarity around your message

  • Clarity around your services and the flow of offerings

  • A business action plan

  • A website to communicate your vision to your tribe

By the end of our time together you will have a clear plan of what steps to take next, homework on what to build, and a beautiful website with your imprint, to deliver.



*Don’t want a full package?
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Susan's Story 

Gina helped bring to life a lovely birthing that came to me in deep work in India. ... She made me realize my own true worth and potential, and helped me to craft my brand and message. She did it in such a way of service, and Divine love and light.
— Susan Rae, Santa Barbara, CA -

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