RYEE ® Wisdom Card Class: 
Feng Shui with Your Angels

RYEE ® Wisdom Cards are infused with love, angels, and Feng Shui! The images are the essence of earth angel light beings, the words will guide you to your truth, and the process is one that is ever evolving. 

    Of course there is an accompanying guidebook with these cards that will help you to interpret the cards. My goal however with this short course, is that you can interpret these cards, and use them as a divination tool to assist you with Feng Shui, without the book!

    In this class, you will be able to better understand how to use these 44 cards to: 

    • Receive angel messages

    • Use the people on the cards as mirror to your life

    • Apply Feng Shui to your spaces

    • Understand your personal element

    RYEE ® Wisdom Cards: Feng Shui With Your Angels

    I am proud to share that I have done both the artwork and messaging myself. If you don't have them yet ...

    RYEE ® Wisdom Cards: Feng Shui With Your Angels
    RYEE ® Wisdom Cards: Feng Shui With Your Angels

    If you are ready to sign up for the class ...

    Cost: $25

    Tuyet-Lyn Christensen LMFT, Psychotherapy & Expressive Art Therapy www.tuyetlynchristensenmft.com
    I knew I wanted to learn more from Gina after having a couple of readings with her. (which by the way...I continue to integrate and draw on those readings today.) My spiritual practice and deep listening skills have both deepened and strengthen and I am a better healing arts practitioner because of that. As a teacher, guide and fellow traveler Gina brings love, intuition, sass, humor and a cornucopia of knowledge.
    — Tuyet-Lyn Christensen, LMFT, Psychotherapy & Expressive Art Therapy, www.tuyetlynchristensenmft.com, Berkeley, CA


    My  name is Gina and
    I AM thrilled to see you here. 

    Learn tarot, oracle cards, angels.

    This journey started for me in 2010; I had a vision and a dream to create a card deck that would help people to not only receive angel messaging, but would also be able to assist with actionable remedies using Feng Shui in the home. 

    I searched high and low to find an artist to do the work. I was met with many beautiful offers and trials, but none that felt like the right fit, or others that just became too busy to take on another project. 

     That little feeling in me that I was still to do it never went away.

    In 2016, I was shifted awake in the middle of a deep sleep one night, and had a beautiful angel message; I was to do ALL of the work. So I did!

    RYEE® Wisdom Cards: Feng Shui With Your Angels

    It didn't matter. The very next night I again awoke at 3 am, and was given an image in my mind, I hopped out of bed, got on the computer, and started manipulating a photo that I took at a workshop the previous week. This was it. This was going to be how the art work was formed for these cards. Early that morning, the first cards was born (pictured right). 

    I kept going and let it flow. The rest ... you are looking at it! A 44 card dedicated to assisting you to 'Raise Your External Energy' with Feng Shui and Angels!

    Feng Shui and angels are two important passions in my life, and two key elements that shifted me to change my life. (I tell all about that here if you want to give that a read). My hope is that I can help lead a similar change for others. 


    All course work by Gina Nicole, LLC is accredited by:

    Accredited by The American Council of Holistic Healers
    Accredited By The World Metaphysical Association
    Accredited By Reiki Rays Institute