Manifesting begins in joy and fun. Come play with me!

Ignite Your Intuition - Distant Learning Class

Intuition simply put, is the ability to understand something at the drop of a hat without conscious reasoning.

Everyone has it. Not everyone uses it. Your intuition can be a super powerful tool. However, it’s like a muscle; the more your work it out, the stronger it gets. And that first workout can be tough (but more fun with a friend and more effective with a personal trainer).

When you build your muscles, you can work out at home, a gym, in a class, and you have the proper exercises and equipment. 

What do you do for your intuition? If you want to grow with it, commit. 

I am providing you an opportunity to train with me in Septembers “Ignite Your Intuition” class. It is a workshop, and it is my goal to take the “work” out of it. I want to make it PLAYFUL and fun; like zumba for your intuition!

Dip your toe in, check it all out, and see what a difference this can make.

With the assistance of Spirit, Angels, and using my special sauce, I will assist YOU to connect your energy straight into your higher self and be in inuitive play!

In this PLAYshop, you will awaken and re-align with your higher self and the calling in your heart. You will learn to deepen your intuition and connection to Source energy by ...

  • Establishing and committing to a solid grounding, protection, and clearing practice that works for you

  • Learning techniques on how to energetically cleanse your space

  • An in depth experience with the ways information comes

  • Using your eyes and various gazes to see energy and auras

  • Practicing your inner knowing and understanding how to tell the difference between your messages and ego

  • Practicing various ways to connect (automatic writing, scrying, music, imaging, and more)

  • Using pendulums and dowsing rods

And I love surprises, so there will be more!?

One of the best parts --> you will meet and connect with like minded individuals and expand your community.




9.14.19: 1 PM - 4 PM CST (11 AM to 2 PM PST)
*FULL MOON: A higher energy class for a more extroverted experience of development, clear insight, sharing, active dreams, and releasing blocks.
9.28.19: 11 AM - 2 PM CST (9 AM to 12 PM)
*NEW MOON: A quieter reflective class for a more introverted experience to explore new gifts, make new relationships with spirit, and set intention.

-Details Sent Upon Registration-

(* This price will increase in October)

I am looking forward to bringing the good juju in with you!

Learn tarot, oracle cards, angels, angel signs.
Tuyet-Lyn Christensen LMFT, Psychotherapy & Expressive Art Therapy www.tuyetlynchristensenmft.com
I knew I wanted to learn more from Gina after having a couple of readings with her. (which by the way...I continue to integrate and draw on those readings today.) My spiritual practice and deep listening skills have both deepened and strengthen and I am a better healing arts practitioner because of that. As a teacher, guide and fellow traveler Gina brings love, intuition, sass, humor and a cornucopia of knowledge.
— Tuyet-Lyn Christensen, LMFT, Psychotherapy & Expressive Art Therapy, www.tuyetlynchristensenmft.com, Berkeley, CA


My  name is Gina and
I AM thrilled to see you here. 

Learn tarot, oracle cards, angels.

I used to be a slave to corporate America, and it was imprinted in me at a young age that I had to work hard for my money. So I did. And I continued to do so for several years. 

Eventually my body was SCREAMING at me; my hormones were saying “pay attention to me,” and my gut was yelling “knock that sh*t off!” (Pun intended). 

I did surrender and listened.

I dove into deepening my intuition and working with Source energy. I had no idea how that would change my life the way it did. IMMENSELY. 

I want to share with you some of the tools I used at the beginning of my process. It is learned, different, super FUN, and absolutely 100% NORMAL!


All course work by Gina Nicole, LLC is accredited by:

Accredited by The American Council of Holistic Healers
Accredited By The World Metaphysical Association
Accredited By Reiki Rays Institute