Week III: The Water, Cups, Raphael Suit

Moving right along to the second set of the Minor Arcana, the water, cups, or Raphael suit. For ease, I am referring to it as the water suit as I commonly use (and recommend) Angel Tarot by Radleigh Valentine.

I suggest printing the invocations and the worksheets prior to going through. It will also help you to have the card spread printed or at least on your screen so you can follow along when you do your connection. You have two options for the spirit vocabulary this week. Here we go!  

Remember the GOLDEN RULE throughout ... there is no rule! If it feels good to you, it is! 


This weeks invocations are focused on practicing clairsentience. Practice feeling into the messages. When you give thanks or invite an angel in, pay attention to how that gratitude and invitation may literally feel in your body. All presences feel different, which is why I suggest feeling into one message or angelic presence at a time, to really get to know each feeling. I always suggest the opening invocation be done, after grounding, and during your intention setting before a connection. The closing is said at the end of a connection. Feel the love as you invite in your team and the angels!

Spirit Vocabulary

The first below download is my traditional way of doing spirit vocabulary. This was the way that worked for me. If this doesn't feel fitting, move forward with the second option. Or do both! 

Same drill as last week! Print the PDF download, and play the recording while you fill it out. A second opportunity to feel here. Feel into the answers that you are receiving this week, and write two words describing where you feel it, and what. Example: gratitude: heart - tingling.

The Water Suit

The water suit is one of my favorite, as it signaled to me my husband was coming. The whole year before I met him I kept seeing that knight of water come up in card spreads for myself, and for others. (It is true that when you read for someone else, there is always a message for you there too.) It is the suit that allows you to look into emotions, memories from childhood, and your own intuition. As it brought forward the news of relationship for me, it can hold the energy of loving celebrations like births, engagements, and weddings. While there are always two sides, it is a suit of love!


This week, the clair of focus is clairsentience. Information coming to you as clear feelings or sensations. Even if you feel clairsentience isn't your strength, practice clear feeling throughout the week and you will prove to yourself in your connection that you can feel. That can be anything from a temperature change to a tingle. No matter what clair may be your strength, all of them can be developed, so humor me and give it a go!

This weeks card spread: Inner Child

I created the inner child card spread to help you become very clear on emotion from that sweetest person within you, your own inner child. Get to the bottom of what you really feel, what you really want, and what emotional blocks are there. If you don't watch the video to it's entirety, you will miss how card number six is pulled. It is flipped separately, and last, so that you are able to give yourself the time and space necessary to receive the information. Have fun with this one, it's a favorite of mine! 

Using a Pendulum

A pendulum is a weight suspended from a pivot point, enabling it to swing freely. It can be used in energy work as an amplifier, and tool to access your greater knowing. You can get many answers using a pendulum. If you don't have a pendulum, you can find an affordable one, or you can make one using a paperclip on the end of a string or use a necklace you already have. In my experience, silver sterling has been the most effective tool to use. EVERYONE is capable of using a pendulum, and learning to use it is like learning to play the flute; the more you practice, the better you get. The one thing I want to stress is: Pendulums should never be used to please your ego. Only use them for the very highest good for yourself and others. Have fun with this tool, but first, check out the video! 

Meet Archangel Raphael

This week it is a pleasure to introduce you to Archangel Raphael. He is known as the angel who heals, yet he brings the greatest reminder we are perfect, whole, and vibrant as is. He can help move energy through relationships, and works beautifully with soulmate connection. I encourage you to listen to the meditation first, THEN read the notes. Challenge yourself, and know that you may experience a completely different color, sensation, or sign. And that is perfect! Enjoy his light!


This week your homework is to conduct your very first reading for someone using the Major Arcana, the fire suit, the water suit, and one of the spreads you have learned. You get to choose! If you feel called to use all the cards, you can. Your choice! Perhaps muscle test. Aim to focus on helping someone who is making their way through a significant life-changing situation, or someone who is searching for super deep answers within (because you never give the answers to them). Upon completion of your connection, please submit the following via email to support@ginanicole.net:

  • a brief summary of your connection where you will write 1-2 lines of each position of the spread

  • 1 knowing, seeing, or feeling that came to you during the connection, and how you used that information (if you don't get one right away, take a moment to go inward and ask)

  • what the advice was from the pendulum chart for the person

  • a way you experienced Archangel Raphael in the connection, or in the meditation

  • the length in time it took you to complete the connection - PLEASE NOTE THIS IS PRACTICE: DO NOT GIVE YOUR PRACTICE READING MORE THAN 15-20 MINUTES TOPS


When you feel ready, the week three quiz is in this link. The exam code is: X9SE. For the betterment of you, try not to use your notes.

I send you a ton of light, LOVE, and wonderful feel goods for the week,