Level III: Week IV

You have journeyed far and have reached the place of creating and managing your own KINGdom! Woop! Right on! 

This week you will dive in to meeting the handsome and strapping Kings of the tarot, will learn how to raise your vibration focusing on chakra nine, and will meet a new angel. 

This is your final week before moving into the concluding parts of this program. You have done amazingly well and deserve to celebrate like a King this week! Love you! XO


Kings are big, they are leaders, they are rulers. They are the strongest of the tarot and their messages are just as fierce. 

They are the oldest of the tarot, and they let us know that people and plans are advanced in age and time. When the King shows up, you are being reminded that you and the person you are connecting for, are fully capable of leading.

Video: The Kings

Chakra Feng Shui Fun

This week lets dive into the golden prosperous chakra of breath and harmony.

I invite you to raise the vibration in your space so that you can easily shift your focus to deep breathing, connection with all, oneness at a global level, and love, love, loving your self!  

This weeks card spread: What  I  R.U.L.E.

R.U.L.E. stands for "represent unconditional love effortlessly," and an effective ruler will do just that. This card spread will shed light on how to do this, and will offer advice around an action step to truly lead with love. 

Meet Archangel Mariel

Archangel Mariel, the Archangel of release, memories, remembering, processing events in your memory, and a strong energy of TURTH. Enjoy this loving, and intense beauty!


Please submit the following via email to support@ginanicole.net:

  • Type (or write) at the top of a blank document, "the King is someone who ... " and allow yourself to free type (or write). Really get to know the Kings. Give yourself time and space to free write about each of the four King. Your submission should include a general idea, and each of the four suits, in your own expression.
  • How you experienced Archangel Mariel
  • EXTRA CREDIT: Submit a picture of how you applied Chakra Nine Feng Shui

I send you all well wishes for harmony today,