Level III: Week I

Welcome to lesson one of the final level. You are in the home stretch to your certification.

In this level you will learn about the court cards. Watch the video to the right. That will help you to understand what these cards are all about. 

There is more Chakra Feng Shui to be done, more Archangels to meet, and business plans to build! I hope you enjoy the development! XO 


Video: The Page


Pages often represent young energy, and the beginning of  a journey. They bring a sense of self development, with a bit of risk and delight! While they can represent youth, they can also bring us closer to understanding those messages of the "young at heart" or a "young soul." They are known for bringing in new opportunities, ideas, feelings, and new ways of thinking. 

Crown Chakra Feng Shui Fun


You are invited to be a clear vessel, in your thought and in your home. You may be guided to de-clutter this week and even create a new unique altar of clarity in your home. Also be sure you love what your space causes you to think. Cozy into some quietude and link the connection to spirit through your crown!

*There was a slight change in the content since this video was filmed. Archangel Metatron you will actually be meeting the final week, and Archangel Zadkiel this week! Cheers! 

This weeks card spread: The Court Card Spread

The court cards are fantastic at breaking down our own personal qualities and characteristics.

For this weeks spread, you will divide the card deck into three piles; the court cards, the Major Arcana, and the Minor Arcana. This can give you information regarding aspects of the higher self, ego self, and surrounding messaging.

I recommend doing a little connection for yourself this week, and see what you get to know new about you!

Meet Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel assists you in remembering, no matter if that is remember facts and information, or who you are and what you came here to do. He is here to help you be your own student, and teacher.  


The quizzes subside in level III, so that you can focus on your connection with Source, and really get to know the court cards. The last week you will have one big connection and quiz, so save your energy. 

Please submit the following via email to support@ginanicole.net:

  • Type (or write) at the top of a blank document, "the Page is someone who ... " and allow yourself to free type (or write). Really get to know the Pages. Give yourself time and space to free write about each of the four Pages. Your submission should include a general idea, and each of the four suits, in your own expression.

  • How you experienced Archangel Zadkiel

  • EXTRA CREDIT: Submit a picture of how you applied Crown Chakra Feng Shui

I send you big love for a strong level III,