Level II: Week IV

You are moving right along and half way through level two. GOOD WORK!

As you move through the messages of seven and eight, I invite you to embrace your clairvoyance this week. You may even want to revisit that handout from level one, and build on it. As you realize that you are truly all seeing, your manifestation will unfold before your eyes. Put your love goggles on and see from the heart! There are a lot of loving tools you are receiving this week from the messages in the numbers, to the Archangel of the Heart. Enjoy the feel goods this week will bring! XO 

Video: Numbers Seven and Eight

Number 8

Embrace your all seeing gifts. You are infinite. 

Number 7

Your manifestation is here now!

Heart Chakra Feng Shui Fun

Use Feng Shui to open your heart deeper and feel more connected to your space. Love the space you are in, and clear the center. Take care of your space, like you would your own heart; with care, love, nutrients, and air. Be unconditional and true to your own space.

This weeks card spread: The 7s Manifesto

Launch Pad

This card spread is a big one for me.  I use it weekly, and go through some periods where I use it daily. Just as much as the celtic cross. I find it so helpful, and I really want you to experience this one thoroughly. You are going to be practicing this one for the next two weeks. It will help you look at the situation, the higher self and earthly self of the person you are reading for, and next steps for them. I hope you find this one as useful as I do! 

Meet Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel is a love, and fairly easy to sense. He will lead you to Divine self-love, nurturing, and heart expansion. He is also known as the finding angel, and he can help you locate lost items, new support circles, or even your soulmate. He reminds you that whatever it is you seek, you already have. 


Upon completion of the work, please submit the following via email to support@ginanicole.net:

  • How you interpret 7 and 8

  • How you experienced Archangel Chamuel

  • EXTRA CREDIT: Submit a picture of how you applied Heart Chakra Feng Shui


When you are ready, the quiz is in this link. The exam code is: 85BWN4Try not to use your notes. It will help you to ascend to a higher place, and help me to know where you may need further support. 

May you see and be appreciative of all of your blessings here now.