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Raise Your Vibration Workshop

A workshop guiding you to work with your angels to 'Raise Your External Energy' and lift the resonance around you.

In this three and a half hour workshop you will:

  • Identify your current top block

  • Learn various ways to clear your energy field of lower frequencies

  • Learn my top five ‘tried and true’ ways to keep your frequency high

  • Eat a deliciously healthy high vibing lunch and experiment with the effects of food on your energy field

  • See the proof of your shift right before your eyes as frequency expert Aspen Robinson of August Knox Nomad, tests your frequency at the beginning and end of the workshop

  • Leave with frequency homework to keep your field high and strong for the holidays

  • Receive one personalized Feng Shui remedy that is aligned with your current main goal and will help keep your home environment lifted

My speciality and passion is transformation, in all ways. My goal is to guide you to be a magnet that is LOVE based, optimistic, and abundant, so that you may create a miraculous life. 

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Earlier Event: January 1
Later Event: March 5
RYEE® Angel Mentorship Call