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ONLINE: Angel Infused Tarot Certification Begins

Learn Tarot, Your Angel Signs, And Become A Certified Practitioner

This is a gentle and light class, that will guide you through a transformation. At the end of 18 weeks you will be able to easily connect with your angels, and be  enhance your business or life. 

This is a self-paced class; you login and move through as you feel appropriate. You will have access for 1 year to complete the certification course. There is a virtual community online, two phone calls per month, and plenty of space to have your questions answered!

This is not just an accredited class, this is a journey to deeper connection.

This class isn’t for everyone.

This isn't your average large online community with a popular following, and trendy hashtags dominating the world wide web. It’s not a super easy, “hey I just completed this course and have a certificate to read cards” experience. And it surely just isn’t about one singular tool such as cards.

This is for you if you are ...

  • ready to explore your inner Guru
  • looking for a place to meet like minded individuals and entrepreneurs (some just starting)
  • are ready to take your life to the next level
  • thinking about launching a spiritual based business
  • have a spiritual business that you want to enhance
  • are committed to your development and want to stay in integrity with the work

This is a process to deepen your intuition and connect further with your spirit and angel team. To read outside of the lines! 

This is a journey that will guide you to understand why you are here, and assist with your next steps.