RYEE® Angel mentorship program

A program dedicated to working with your angel team to 'Raise Your External Energy.'

If you are seeking guidance, and are ready to commit to your personal self-growth and self-love plan, I invite you to consider my RYEE® (Raising Your External Energy) Angel Mentorship Program.

The next container begins February 1, 2019. The focus is to use Feng Shui to enhance your space, nine mini goals to guide your life, and the Archangels to support your energetically. If you are wanting to execute Feng Shui in a masterful way, while growing and ascending with angel support, this is for you.

You will choose 9 mini end goals, one for each life area (career, relationships, health, family, abundance, travel, creativity, knowledge, and reputation) of where you want to be in your VERY best life. Together we will take clear, guided action steps to get there. 

There are three main goals for this program:

  1. To support you in a container that will help you to raise your external energy SO THAT YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH A DESIRED GOALS.

  2. To assist you in identifying energetic blocks, and guide you to break old habits.

  3. To guide you to communicate effectively with your angel and spirit team.

What does it mean to "Raise Your External Energy"?!

Around your body are fields of energy. Everything you think, feel, do, say, is also a part of that energy. That is also in your physical environments. All of them!

Connect with angels through pendulum work.

The law of attraction states like attracts like. So if you think, feel, do, and say cruel and negative things, you attract those experiences. 

You don't do it on purpose, and of course don't want to do it, but it happens.

THERE IS NO OVERNIGHT SECRET THAT CAN CORRECT THIS. What has taken years for you to create in your mind and life, isn't going to go away over night.


I want to help you explore your next level with the angels, journey with you into ALL laws of the universe (not just the law of attraction), and assist you to Feng Shui the shift out of your space to support your goals.

The RYEE® program has truly given me the confidence to step into my living my life with purpose. I can’t say enough about how amazing it has been to not only have the support and knowledge of Gina on my journey, but also the collective energy of the entire container. As I have spiritually awakened and grown, there have been bumps along the path but this program has helped me to continue to keep moving onward and upward at a high vibration . I am so grateful for these connections and hope that I can help inspire others to find their purpose as I have.
— Melissa D., Miami, Florida
Angel Mentorship Program

My speciality and passion is transformation in all ways. My goal is to guide you to be a magnet that is LOVE based, optimistic, and abundant, so that you may create a miraculous life. 

Gina is a true master mantra wordsmith.
— Tuyet-Lyn C., California ~ https://www.tuyetlynchristensenmft.com
RYEE Angel Mentorship Program

You will be the decision maker in your program, with a choice to focus on personal, business, family, health, etc.

Your angel team will help guide you to that decision.

While our human minds likes to separate life areas into categories (relationship, career, family, self-love, etc), it really is all one channel of energy.

Let's get into that channel and raise the shift out of it! 

This program is designed to be simple, easy, and actionable.

My promise to you; when you commit, you will 'Raise Your External Energy,' and be in a different space when the program is complete in September 2019. 

SPACE IS LIMITED, and you have three options to join me (law of abundance; you get what you give):

RYEE® Angel Mentorship Program
RYEE® Angel Mentorship Program

Level I

Monthly Investment:   $45

Level II

Monthly Investment:  

Premium Level III

Monthly Investment:   $335



The next container will begin in the Fall of 2019. To be added to the waitlist, email support@ginanicole.net.


  • Level III and II include all that level I includes. In addition, you receive a monthly one on one session that is concentrated, where we will invoke a specific angel and team for our work together. The 15 minute check in and clearing is done from a distance, and separate from the 45 minute one on one session.

  • The one on one sessions in levels III and II can be done in person or over the phone (recorded). 

* The premium level includes a complete Feng Shui consult and day long deep dive. THERE IS SPACE FOR ONLY FOUR PEOPLE IN THE PREMIUM LEVEL. This day will be used to hone in on your goals, ande structured to your requests and needs.

Throughout both levels of mentorship, you will:

  • Experience exclusive members-only content

  • Connect with others who share your journey and receive loving support in an online forum

  • Have a safe place to share your story, and learn

  • Receive discounts to other offerings

This is NOT for you if ...

  • ... you don't want to commit to the work. We can do 60% together, but you HAVE TO SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF AND DO THE REMAINING 40%. (There isn't a lot you have to do, I promise it is minimal).

  • ... you are hoping for an overnight success story. Patience is a gift, and necessary in the journey. If patience tests you, you may have a harder time in the program. While I am confident you will be in a different place in six months WHEN YOU COMMIT, it may take us a few months to remove old stories.

  • ... you are a comparison creature! You will do best when you don't compare yourself to others journeys

What others experienced ...

Being a part of this container has changed my life. Seriously! I have learned so much about myself. I have grown an enormous amount since July 2017. My life has changed drastically since starting this journey. My youngest moved to Hawaii in July of ‘17. My father died the end of February 2 days prior to his 80th Birthday. I had been taking care of him for many years. He was my last parent. My oldest is moving to North Carolina as we speak. Being a part of RYEE has been a wonderful and much needed experience for me. I have had an emotional roller coaster of a year, but RYEE has truly helped to balance me out. Helped to make me stronger, increased my spiritual knowledge tenfold and I now have daily spiritual practice that I love. I never see classes or clubs or weight watchers through till the end. I was weary about making a commitment for 12 months and doing the work. I am still going strong in RYEE and anxious for Gina to start another class, so I can sign up!
— Jane W., St. Louis, Missouri
Angel Mentorship Program
Angel Mentorship Program
Being in Gina’s original run of the RYEE® container, and having 1-1 time has been an asset in so many ways! I’ve been going through many changes this past year (the death of my best friend, a new job, getting engaged, a health crisis with my Mom, starting to honor my intuitive work and offering 1-1 sessions, etc) and I know that being held in the container was a huge help- so much that when I tried to shift to a “cheaper” level (for me that ended up meaning I wasn’t valuing myself and the work). I immediately felt the impact and upgraded back to the top option super fast! I feel it’s been a huge help as I navigate the mix of energies in my personal and professional life, as well as prepare for major changes! Gina jam packs a TON of value into her programs, and makes the info accessible to beginners and advanced participants alike.
— Jen J., California ~ https://consciouschoiceforchange.com
Working with a group that has the same focus and being led by someone that does her own work has been such an inspiration. I find the group as a whole to be loving and supportive of one another. The diversity of backgrounds and modalities that are brought together through each persons gifts and talents has given me new perspectives. Even when there are challenges in life, Gina’s positivity and support let me know I am not alone. I am reminded of the growth that comes from challenge and I feel the love that emanates from this group, led by Gina. I feel like I become more me with each passing month.
— Deb N., Oak Park, Illinois
Angel Mentorship Program
Angel Mentorship Program
To participate in the container we were each called to share a GOAL for our purpose and work inside the group. I enjoyed that each member had something unique, different and their goals were truly desirable. Mine was for once, in my life, to open my heart truly and find a reciprocated relationship. The first few stages of the program allowed me to find more balance between work and a committed intention towards this goal. As we approached the fall season, I gained skills to become more vulnerable to the angel messaging, added a lot more prayer to my life, and gave everything up to GOD. I was still practicing the work and began to love more of myself and all the blessings that were in my current life. January rolled around and with a little help from my family, Angels, Gina and God’s path, crossed a very special person. I’m happy to report it’s a growing, committed and loving partnership in its early stages. I am confident the work that I learned, with the daily intention and the help from this mentorship has guided me towards this beautiful union of life and love. Thank you GINA & CONTAINER
— Katey W., St. Louis, Missouri
For me, the RYEE® Angel Mentorship Program, truly raised my energy to the next level. Through the tutelage of Gina, I was able to move forward into the professional arena, using my gift of intuition to read Angel Cards for the public. With Gina’s guidance, I was then able to further hone my message to shape a program called Soul Sessions with Sue, with a reading called to Finding your Soul’s Purpose. Gina helps you look past your fears, dig deep and own your gifts. I am grateful for having experienced her RYEE Angel Mentorship Program and know that the aftermath will continue to support my professional growth.
— RYEE® Angel Mentorship Program
RYEE ® Angel Mentorship Program


Members of this container are here to learn together and seek guidance. While all participants are encouraged to share, reach out, and learn from one another, it is advised to stay in a non-comparison mindset. Each person in this container comes from different religious beliefs, backgrounds, and has their own story. Please use compassion and meet each journey with love. All are welcome! Please always hold the main objective to lift one another,  while ultimately 'Raising Your External Energy.'


You will be signing up for a monthly membership. The monthly charge will appear on your credit card billing statement. Your account will be automatically billed as long as you remain a member of this container. Please be assured that you may contact me at anytime regarding your membership.


This site and all of its contents including all courses and the mentorship is a source of information only. The information contained in this site, on the calls, in the live discussions, and in all courses, should never be considered a substitute for professional medical professional where appropriate. This work is not affiliated with a religion. Gina Nicole, LLC disclaims any liability. The information received should not be seen as medical or mental health advice.