Terms of Service

  1. The following Terms of Service apply to all appointments, and by scheduling an appointment time, you agree to the following:
  2. You are at least 18 years old. (A parent must consent an appointment for their child under the age of 18).
  3. Information disclosed that is against the law, or puts yourself or others in harms way, must be reported. I will be forced to go through the appropriate legal channels. 
  4. I reserve the right to refuse service for any reason. Full refunds will be issued in the case of such scenarios.
  5. All intuitive appointments are offered for educational and/or spiritual purposes. I do not diagnose, treat health issues, treat psychological ailments, offer medical advice, offer legal advice, prescribe drugs, or perform medical procedures. If you do have health concerns, I strongly encourage you to seek out the medical attention needed.
  6. All information is given on the understanding that nothing is guaranteed. While it is simple to see where your energy is headed, you also have free will and choice which can affect outcomes.
  7. All information will be given to you to use at your free will. You take ownership for all actions taken in relation to a session.