{12.15}: Get Ready for Big Dreamy Action!

Ready to navigate the currents of energy to elevate your frequency and align with the optimal flow?! I am all in if you are!

The first quarter moon is set to grace the sky next Tuesday. This lunar phase holds significance, serving as a cosmic cue for action and manifestation. Imagine the moon, fragmented yet luminescent – a celestial puzzle waiting to be solved! This first quarter moon falls in Pisces, a zodiac sign ruled by Neptune. Neptune, the ethereal planet governing creativity and dreams, guides the fish of Pisces into the boundless realms of imagination!

It's a reminder that our dreams hold immense power, and taking action during this lunar phase can be especially potent.

In the realm of Pisces, creativity knows no bounds. It's a time to explore the depths of your imagination, dream expansively, and bring those dreams into the realm of reality. What ethereal landscapes can you traverse within your mind, and how can you manifest them into tangible actions?

As you take in today's card pull, set the intention to align the message with the upcoming first quarter moon. Let the insights guide you in setting intentions and taking purposeful actions around what may appear! The energy is ripe for bringing dreams into reality and fostering a harmonious flow.

If coming on retreat is a part of your big dreams, I am holding that with you! There are four beds left for May's retreat, Rituals of Remembrance Retreat. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a sacred space; remember your light, remember your ancestors, and remember why you came! Learn powerful practices, clear your timeline, and create lasting memories.

Until next Friday, may your frequency be high, and your flow spark you into action!

Remember Your Light

Rituals of Remembrance Retreat

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