{12.8}: Uncovering Messages from the Realm of Mysticism with Bibliomancy

Happy Frequency & Flow Friday, {{ first_name }}!

Welcome to a Friday of raising our vibrations and tapping into the rhythm of optimal flow and alignment.

While I usually do an oracle or Tarot pull of some sort, this week we are diving into the mystical world of bibliomancy, a unique practice that connects us with the wisdom of written words in an enchanting way.  The pages of Rick Rubin's "The Creative Act" are sparking us into inspiration and insight!  (You can check out the book here if you love it as I do!)

As we navigate the energy today and delve into the pages of chosen texts, let the energy of the written word guide you toward clarity and resonance!

I hope whichever words you choose provide valuable insights for your journey towards higher frequencies and optimal flow.

Annnnnd -- before you dash off with your high vibing self, a quick note!

The April Rituals of Remembrance Retreat was announced last month and filled quickly! So quickly, we launched another in May! There is ONE bed that came open in April's retreat, and four beds left for May's retreat.  

This retreat is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a sacred space; remember your light, remember your ancestors, and remember why you came! Learn powerful practices, clear your timeline, and create lasting memories.

Until next time, may your frequency be high, and your flow be effortless.

Sending you love, light, and abundant blessings!

Remember Your Light

Rituals of Remembrance Retreat

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