{3.8}: Navigating New Beginnings with the NEW MOON This Weekend!

Elevate your frequency for a life of optimal flow and alignment!

As we approach the New Moon in Pisces (happening at 1 AM on Sunday, March 10th), let's delve into insights to harness the energy and embark on a journey of spiritual renewal.

This New Moon is a time to embrace intuition and imagination -- so let's give that a go! Pisces, ruled by Neptune, encourages us to tap into our intuitive and imaginative faculties. Allow your intuition to guide you during this time, and explore the depths of your imagination to visualize your dreams and aspirations.

This is a prime to for visualization and bringing to mind your ideal life as if all your dreams have already come true. I always say - if you can see it, you can be it! Think of that goal you are ready to attain. The time to go after it is now. Call in what it looks and feels like, and hold yourself accountable to take the action steps to get there!

Here are three tips to help and amplify the energy that is here:

1) Surrender: Pisces is associated with surrender and letting go. Use this New Moon energy to release any emotional baggage or limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. Surrender to the flow of life and trust in the universe's guidance.

2) Connect with Source: Pisces is a deeply spiritual sign, making this New Moon an ideal time for spiritual practices. Engage in meditation, prayer, or rituals that nourish your soul and deepen your connection with the divine.

3) Be In Compassion: Pisces is known for it's empathetic nature. Extend kindness and empathy to yourself and others during this time. Practice acts of compassion and nurture your emotional well-being.

Want to take it even deeper?! Here are two prompts for you to journal with:

1) Reflect on a recent experience where you felt a strong connection to your intuition. What insights or guidance did you receive, and how did it impact your life?

2) Explore a belief or habit that you're ready to release in order to align with your highest self. What steps can you take to let go of this belief or habit, and how do you envision your life without it?

If you can see it you can be it. Go after it!  XO

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Big love!

Remember Your Light

Rituals of Remembrance Retreat

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