{7.31}: Connect with nature during this abundant time!

This weeks full moon is one full of ancient and sacred wisdom, and symbolism that is whispering it's way on your unfolded path.

It is a time for ...

🌝 Beauty, brightness, and getting social
🌝 Releasing what no longer serves
🌝 Working through deep emotions
🌝 Reflect on your life, relationships, and goals to determine what you must release and what deserves your energy
🌝 Liberation and exploration

August 1’s full moon is also a supermoon (occurring three to four times a year), and this is the second supermoon of 2023. The first was on July 3, so turn back the calendar to see what was illuminated for you!

May you find this to be helpful and expansive!! XO

Out of the past and into the future!

Take your heart-centered service to the next level. Move out of the past and into the future!

Soul Immersion Retreat

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