{7.5}: Starting Anew with the New Moon in Cancer

We are in the nurturing energy of the new moon in Cancer! A time to set intentions, plant seeds for the future, and embrace new beginnings. This entrance into Cancer season invites us to connect deeply with our emotions, intuition, and one of my favorite topics; the comfort of our home.

This is your invitation to harness this energy to raise your frequency and align with your highest potential! Ready for it? Let's go! Here are 3 ways to raise your frequency during this powerful new moon in Cancer:

1. Nurture, nurture, nurture you! Cancer energy is all about self-care and emotional nourishment. Take some time to pamper yourself—whether it’s a long bath, a cozy evening with a good book, or a gentle yoga session. When you nurture yourself, you raise your vibration and create a foundation of love and support within.

2. Open your heart to set crystal clear and all loving intentions. With the new moon’s fresh energy, set intentions that come from your heart. Write them down, speak them out loud, or create a little collage. Focus on what you truly desire and feel the emotions as if they’re already happening to amplify the energy.

3. Activate water. As a water sign, Cancer has a deep connection to the element of water. Spend time near a body of water if you can, or simply enjoy a meditative moment with a glass of water, infusing it with your intentions. Let the water’s flow inspire you to go with the flow in all ways!

One of the main reminders of this moon, is we are always capable of starting anew. Embrace this nurturing energy, set powerful intentions, and raise your frequency for fresh new energy!

Ready to begin anew, and press your reset button?! Mark your calendar for the upcoming Qi Alchemy Retreat in Mexico, April 2025! It’s an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in transformative growth, spirit connection, and transformative healing. The space is luxury, the time is expansive, and the agenda is on fire and full of surprises. This is one of the FIRST collaborations I am doing in this way, and I am over the New Moon delighted to share it with you!

Space is limited, so check it out, reserve, or ask questions if you want to be with us!

Until next week ... XO

Retreat With Me in Luxury!


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