A time for a fresh beginning!

The new moon in Gemini (June 17, 2023, at 11:36 PM CST) is a time of fresh beginnings, mental clarity, and communication.

Some areas of focus for the new moon in Gemini next weekend:

🌚 embrace duality
🌚 seek knowledge and truth
🌚 adapt to change
🌚 cultivate harmony within oneself and with others

This is the time to set intentions, self-reflect, and connect with your inner voice. To amplify the energy and the new moon this next weekend, prep to align yourself with the energy and follow this ritual:

1. Make sure to take some time in a quiet and comfortable space, do a cleansing of yourself by maybe lighting some incense or using essential oils.
2. You may even want to take a simple Epsom salt bath. In this clear space, reflect on the past lunar cycle, and consider what you have learned or released.
3. Reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and release what no longer serves.
4. Come out of the space when you are done, and set new intentions with the energy of the moon in Gemini focusing on communication, learning, and adaptability. Be specific about what you wish to work on.
5. Close your eyes and visualize your intentions as if they are coming to fruition each day of this cycle.
6. Close by expressing and feeling gratitude for the journey.

May today's Angel Message support your journey!

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