Angel Message Monday {10.17}: Last Quarter Moon - Let Go and Let it FLOW

We are in the last quarter moon today and this week! The moon is in the sign of cancer; a link to our homes, family, and domestic activities such as cooking, decluttering, and gardening.

Now is a great time to forgive, follow your heart to be in a happy place, and authentically assess your living space!

Next week, on October 25th, there is a New Moon Solar Eclipse. This New Moon will be in Scorpio and is a time to EVOLVE. So make way and intend your best with preparations to let go and de-root!

AND If that calls to you, you don't have to do that alone. Next week, join me and six field experts in E.M.B.O.D.Y. Evolution. We start one week from today by clearing our fields to let go of all of the old, and welcome in this next-level version of you.

Join our week-long experience and activate the energy of lunar living, as we prepare for the expansive New Moon, Solar Eclipse at the end of October. Learn more about yourself, your cells, your soul's journey, and what is calling to you in this free week long journey. Sign up here!

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