Angel Message Monday {9.26}: New Moon in Libra Brings Transformative Change

The New Moon in Libra was yesterday at 4:54 PM (CST), and it is a big invitation to manifest new relationships, sense the love in the air, and is a time of transformative and abundant energy! It's also one of the last manifesting New Moons for a bit, so take the time to set intentions!!

How we can maximize this New Moon is ...

  • Acknowledge Mercury retrograde is here, and slow down
  • Revisit an activity, adventure, or space that you have loved before to help gain new perspective
  • Spend time in beautiful strategic planning
  • Go slow and practice balance while getting super clear on what you need and want
  • Share your feelings
  • Beautify what you are called to
  • Say YES to the new beginnings that present to you
  • Spend time budgeting and thinking about any NEW ways you wish to make income
  • Important to note, this New Moon opposes Jupiter, which is the Planet of expansive delight and luck.

Jupiter is also retrograding (in Aries, which can be fiery).

So watch where you may be overly confident or overreactive, as both are likely at this time!

And alas, may this weeks Angel Message Monday help! 

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