What is holding you down?

These six dark pillars once ruled my life during my dispirited days. Can you relate?
Lacking purpose & fulfillment
Confused with spiritual enlightenment
Your body is screaming for help
Life feels dull and unrewarding
Paralyzed by fear and negative energy
Unsatisfied with yourself & your relationships

I am here to empower you!

This program was born to help guide you to discover your purpose, so you can thrive and embody your inner light to live a happier, fulfilling life. You’ll grow in mind, body, and spirit by taking control of your consciousness and manifesting your true potential. It all starts here, with you!


Embody One

This program is for you if you...

You want inner peace & clarity on your life goals
You want to feel good in mind, body, home, & spirit
You want to grow, thrive and change your life for the better
You want to align with the cycle of the moon & create your own destiny

Who is Gina Nicole?

Hello! I’m Gina Nicole. A Spiritual Mentor & Feng Shui Practitioner.

This program is designed for those ready to commit to personal self-growth and enhance life to reach desired goals.

I was diagnosed with PCOS and auto-immune at 26, married at 27, going through a divorce at 28. I faced the conundrum of a Saturn return, felt no one understood me, and my body was SCREAMING for help. I was also uncovering a sexual abuse trauma, and I knew I needed more help, but I didn’t know what to do. To top it all off, I thought I was going crazy once I started to see angels.

Scared as hell, I turned to Feng Shui and healing arts, conquered some big fears, and overcame significant personal obstacles. I now help others to overcome their own fear and not take years to do it like me.

If you find yourself in the same, stuck place, month after month, there is only ONE person who can change that. You don’t have to be in the same space six months from now. Put simply, you can’t afford to keep ignoring what has been nagging at you, especially if you’re an empathetic individual. Eventually, your body will start talking - will you be ready to listen?

Join a next level community
Live a happier,
fulfilling life
Embody your
true potential
Transform your
mindset & lifestyle
Heal & achieve spiritual embodiment
Use the moon to birth your vision

What do you get?

Weekly Wednesday Check-In Emails with Moon and Energy Updates

Every Wednesday, you’ll get emails with moon and energy updates that you can use to connect more deeply with yourself and your feelings. You can harness the moon’s spiritual energy through journaling, meditating, or charging your crystals—which you’ll learn how in this program!

Two Monthly Group Moon Calls with Gina Nicole

Every two weeks, we’ll have a group moon call where we gather together to honor and connect with the moon’s divine life and potent energy that lives within you, others, and myself. We can harness the moon’s power to manifest your heart’s desire into your daily life. These moon calls exist to set intentions, clear energy, work through something, gain clarity, and connect with yourself through collective energy.

Private invitation to the Mentorship With Gina Nicole FB Community

You'll gain access to our private Facebook community where you can ask questions, seek help, talk and engage with other like-minded souls and me. All of our calls will be recorded and uploaded here, just in case you can't make it to one! You'll also have opportunities for mini check-ins where I do member-only card readings! Plus, I personally answer questions in this group.

Commit to you today

embody 1 practitioners

Monthly Astrology Forecasts
Mimi Clark

Receive monthly astrology updates and forecasts from Embody One’s Resident Astrologer, Mimi Clark of Gaia Blooming. What started as a hobby became a full-on purpose for Mimi. Astrology, for her, became a language to explain the energetic shifts and lessons happening on worldly and personal levels. Mimi serves daily video scopes, tends to clients, and teaches astrology to help others learn this language of energetic understanding and support. She has been a dedicated resident astrologer of Embody One for three-plus years, and her updates continue to bring helpful lessons and clear guidance.

Monthly Group Clearing
Tonya Dee

Each month, you will have the opportunity to address any physical concerns your body is speaking with Gina and Holistic Sha'Medium, Tonya Dee. She brings 30 years experience from understanding the elementals, the subtle energies, and the celestial bodies. Tonya Dee is a holistic shaman, medium, other worldly life coach, subtle energy surgeon, and a reflector by design. Gina and Tonya have been journeying together since 2016. Together, they will help you to listen to your bodies messages and map out a ritualistic action plan.

You will also receive:

Journal Prompts to help you align with the current energies
Guided Meditations Comment end  to support you to raise your vibe
Moon Calendar to track the moon cycles 
Monthly workbooks with new lessons
Monthly High Vibrational Food Recipes to enhance energy
Crystal & Essential Oil Frequency Key Prescriptions

What  others think

Meredith Daniels

After being stuck in my house for Covid and virtual learning, I needed to redecorate my home. I hired Gina to do a Feng Shui consultation to make sure the energy flow was optimized. Gina gave me a detailed report and the best way to increase the chi, and I LOVE my house now! Gina really knows her stuff, is very professional, quick to respond, and a joy to work with! I highly recommend her!


I just thought I would send you an email and let you know I feel like I've been waiting for this information my whole life. lol (this happens with a lot of information you give us). You really help me find all the puzzle pieces so I can put them together! 
I used to be so confused with life before I started your mentorship, but every day I get a little less confused and more in tune with myself.
Thank you! I really appreciate you and all that you do!


You give so much!! The muscle testing and pendulum class lit me UP. I always love that no matter what you are teaching and sharing, you seize the moment and encourage us all to put it to practice. I have been enjoying sharing all that I learned in this class with my clients and friends. I'm grateful to be a part of your positive ripple effect, as I can see and feel what I am passing along is lighting up others. Thank you for empowering us ALL.

Diane L.

What an amazing six months of growth I've had. I keep learning, growing, and finding new ways to lean into my creative soul. My life as an artist has taken on true meaning and allowed me to share my success with the world. Thank you Gina for teaching me how to believe in myself.

Victora Martin
Artist and Jeweler

When I joined Gina’s mentorship in October last year I gave my jewellery making studio a complete overhaul. My space felt absolutely wonderful & I couldn’t wait to get making everyday. My business has definitely benefited & I’m enjoying combining my spiritual connections, intuition & creative energy’s together to produce new heartfelt jewellery. I’m enjoying going with the flow, living the best life possible in this moment & manifesting a future full of wonderful possibilities.

Julianne B.
Intuitive Marketing for Entrepreneurs, Healers, and Creatives

This mentorship was everything!
I first joined because I was going through a big transition purpose and work-wise. I had (and still have) big goals but I couldn’t get myself motivated to start taking action – there was a misalignment between what I wanted and what I thought I needed to do to get there.
Gina is truly masterful in her work. The content in the container is efficient and effective - Her heart is 110% in what she does and it shows. She keeps the container small so that there is an intimate community feeling – It’s the best kept secret.

Melanie Haynes Kerr

I absolutely love the spiritual mentorship program with Gina. It has helped me grow in so many ways, and I look forward to our calls and getting to know other like-minded members in our container that have become my friends! It’s truly been life-changing for me, I get emotional even writing this because it has impacted me in so many positive ways and I am so thankful to be a part of such an amazing, inspiring and extremely supportive community.

Lisa B.

Whether it is in our one-on-one sessions or in the group containers, I am constantly learning something new just as I need it and I really find tremendous value in that.  I believe we should never stop learning, so it is nice to have a mentor who shares this belief and models it so beautifully! I continue to expand from this amazing process and wealth of knowledge to grow on a personal level and to grow my new business.

Maura Kobusch
Consciousness Guide

I have had the joy and blessing of mentoring with Gina for years! She is a powerhouse of laser like intuition and compassion, who unapologetically empowers her community. I embraced Gina's solution oriented interpretation of Spirit during a chaotic but pivotal segment of my journey. Magic happened. Thank you, Gina for eliciting my truth from my soul and affirming me as I gleefully discovered my unique gifts and a world of unlimited abundance.

Yvonne Cote

"I came into Gina's mentorship program really unsure of what to expect. I was in the process of trying to get my spiritual practice off the ground, but I was lacking direction and confidence. All I can say is WOW!! I can't believe how much things have changed for me since I started mentoring with Gina. I am so excited at how much progress we have made and for the first time, I really feel like I have a sense of purpose and direction. I would highly recommend this to anyone!”

Commonly Asked Questions

When are the calls and what if I can’t make them?

I don’t use Facebook, so how else can I connect?

I am not sure what level to do? What are the major differences?

I hear you refer to containers…what does that mean?

What if I’m not happy with the program?

Do you offer a refund?

Mentorship Levels

One on One

$255 Monthly
This mentorship program includes:
All the features of EMBODY One
One on One session with Gina Nicole (55min) 


$500 Monthly
This mentorship program includes:
All the features of EMBODY One on One
Personal Check-In, Mantra, and clearing with Gina Nicole
Email and Voxer (Text) support 
Monthly meet up in an intimate heart-centered collective of those ready to serve


$55 Monthly
This mentorship program includes:
Access to a Nurturing Virtual Community with Monthly Content
Weekly Check-Ins
Two Monthly Group Moon Calls with Gina Nicole
Private invitation to the Mentorship with the Gina Nicole FB Community 
Group Clearing Call to Address Physical Dis-cord 
Frequency Key Prescriptions
Monthly Update from Resident Astrologers
…and more!