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Maybe it's to simply hear this angel message: 

You are working hard, and it is paying off, but listen lovely ... where did you learn that you have to work hard to earn big. Restructure that belief! Stop allowing fear based thoughts to limit your life and actions. Money can be your greatest spiritual teacher. Learn through observing your conversation with it. Your needs will always be met, and your life contended. Feel the blessings and love that surround you. That peace and joy will bring you more security. XO

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Infinite Love & Gratitude

Thank you so much for sending me your “Meet My Angel” meditation. It was so inspiring. Please let me know where I can find more of these truly wonderful messages. I found so much peace and inspiration when listening. Thank you again for these wonderful meditations. You are, I know, an Angel sent to me. Bless you always.
— Roberta H.
“Gina feng-shui’d (is that a word?) our home. There wasn’t anything wrong with our home or our lives but WOW after her consultation our home was even more warm, clear nurturing and peaceful. So I had her feng-shui my office. New business came pouring in immediately! Gina is thorough she knows her stuff better than anyone in the business she is also extremley intuitive. I continue to consult with her with great results.”
— Elizabeth Clinton, Santa Rosa, CA, Health & Aura Soma Practitioner

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