I welcome you with an open heart

My name is Gina Nicole, which translates to “”well-born victory of the people. ” That is what I aim to be for you; a child of love that will guide you to your personal victories. I am an Angel Intuitive and Feng Shui Practioner who will bring you new insight through angel messaging, help you shift your perspective, and will guide you to your answers within.

I am here with a team of Angels, ready to guide you to kickstart the best you; the you that is financially free, takes chances, has clarity, and is ready now for change! 

Take a moment to imagine …. 

I say to you, “I am frustrated you'll only give me so much of your time. I need more. What you're doing just isn't cutting it, and it's not enough.” I then act out of fear and panic, calling to ask where you are. Would you drop what you were doing to immediately come over? My guess is you would run! (I would.)

The same holds true for your relationships with everything in life. How you talk to your body, career path, friends, money, and romantic life, determines the outcome.

Change the conversation today

Our work together will guide you to have a better relationship with YOU. So much that you will be jealous of your own life! Have a transformed relationship with ...  

  • Your body. Learn to love every dimple that tells a story and even the way your thighs touch. 
  • Your career. Create an action plan to live the reason you came to earth (hint: even if it was to sit at a desk 9-5, if you aren't loving it, you may not yet be doing it).
  • A strong heart tribe. Surround yourself with people who will talk angels all day with you, and get what it's like to feel different than everyone. 
  • Your finances. Watch money weave in and out of your life like a Lamborghini on an open road; gliding with ease and class, moving so fast, there is nothing stopping it.
  • The love of your life. Ditch the idea of the person that will complete you, YOU ARE COMPLETE! This is the person with whom you share fiery passion and your childhood secrets. They are your biggest supporter of your future book launch, and your standing Taco Tuesday date night. 

I  AM ....

I am a Feng Shui practitioner who will guide you to create a home appealing to your eye, and can help you purchase those louboutins you've been eyeing(If you don’t know what the term “Feng Shui” means, YOU CAN READ MORE HERE)! It's a fancy name for moving things around, having fun with color, making your space feel GREAT, and changing your life in the process.  

I am an Angel Intuitive who will guide you to your heart’s answers. I spend my free time in meditation, yoga, and with my crystal loving chiropractor, Denise, so that I'm a clear channel, able to effectively connect for YOU!   

I am a believer of integrity with strong valuesI was brought up a sacramental bread loving catholic, who got to know the angels in my 20's. While I like to see you turn your love vision board into your He** Yes soulmate, I will honor your beliefs and help you feel safe in the process.

YOU ARE ....

You are here with a readiness to live your best life now. You are ready to open your heart to guidance on what steps to take next. You are ready to transform your relationship with all that is (including you)!

You are a beautiful light, and you are ready to shine. You are willing to remove all blocks, and stand in your power. You are ready to put change into action.  

You are ready to listen to the truth in your heart, and speak it aloud. At times your mind may get in the way of your heart’s whispers, and you may not necessarily hear yourself all of the time. You are ready to get clear and create an actionable plan, and that is what I do with you. 

Professional Bio

Gina Nicole Ballard is a Feng Shui Practitioner and Angel Intuitive. She began spirit seeking when she was 15 years old, diving into crystals, esoteric rituals, religion, and digging for information on the more she knew was out there. From the time she was 5, she said she wanted to be a nurse. Even though she knew she disliked blood and could physically feel others people’s wounds. In reality, she simply knew her truth was to help others live an improved life, and didn’t know what to call it. After overcoming her own personal challenges in the areas of health, career and relationships, she has dedicated her life to help you do the same. Gina is committed to working in a place of light, love, and integrity. Her intention is to remain sincere and have fun, while supporting you to get in touch with your magic, and manifest the future beyond your wildest dreams. 

*Gina was trained as a Feng Shui Practitioner at the BTB School of Feng Shui, and certified through the Feng Shui Interior Design program at the New York Institute of Art and Design. She is a licensed Certified Angel Card Reader ®, Tera Mai Reiki Practitioner™, and a Certified Intuitive Counselor ™. She holds a Masters Degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies, a Bachelors Degree in Commercial Recreation, and is a Certified Meeting and Event Planner.


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