{10.27}: Embrace Change with the Upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

As we prepare to bid adieu to a cycle that can transpired over the past two years, the cosmos has a profound event in store for us – the partial lunar eclipse and a full Moon in Taurus set to grace our skies on October 28, 2023!

Eclipses are celestial phenomena that bring big energy and have captivated humanity for centuries. They're not just awe-inspiring cosmic events; they're also symbolic markers of change and transformation, and this one means business! May today's Frequency & Flow Friday help you align!

Eclipses occur when the Sun, Moon, and Earth align in such a way that one body obscures another. They come in pairs, a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse, usually separated by two weeks. These events, while breathtaking to witness, hold a deeper significance in the realm of astrology. They are often seen as cosmic catalysts for transformation, serving as powerful markers of beginnings and endings in our lives.

The one upon us is a partial lunar eclipse in the earthy and steadfast sign of Taurus, known for its determination, practicality, and grounded nature. This lunar eclipse brings with it a strong energy of closure and transformation, and a two-year cycle is coming to a close!

The last two years have been marked by uncertainty, change, and adaptation. We've faced challenges that have pushed us to our limits, and we've also seen incredible growth and resilience within ourselves. This lunar eclipse in Taurus serves as an opportunity to close the chapter on this tumultuous period and reflect on the lessons we've learned.

It's a time to let go of what no longer serves us and to release any baggage we've been carrying.

It's not just about the lunar eclipse on October 28; it's about the series of eclipses in Taurus that have occurred over the past two years and those that will follow. This ongoing celestial dance will continue to influence and inspire transformation in our lives!

Ready for it!? !During this time, it's important to remain open to change and embrace the transformation that is underway. Let go of resistance and allow the energy of the eclipse to work its magic. Taurus, with its grounding energy, encourages us to find stability in the midst of change and to be mindful of our physical and emotional well-being.

To make the most of this moon phase in Taurus, consider applying the following:

        1) Take time to reflect on the events and experiences of the past two years. What have you learned? What do you need to let go of?
        2) Allow yourself to release any negative emotions, old patterns, or attachments that are holding you back?
        3) Engage in grounding practices such as visiting your Vivaxis, 10th chakra or root chakra work, yoga, meditation, or spending time in nature to connect with the Earth's stabilizing energy.
        4) Set intentions for the next phase of your life. What do you want to achieve, and how do you want to grow?

The upcoming lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28, 2023, is a powerful moment of closure and transformationt he end of a two-year cycle filled with challenges and growth. Embrace this time as on pportunity to let go of the past, welcome change, and set intentions for the future.

May your path forward be illuminated,

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Embody Your Intuitive Inner Healer: Empower a Transformed Tomorrow.

E.M.B.O.D.Y. One

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