{11.24}: Time to Move Forward Toward New Dreams!

For those who celebrate, I hope your Thanksgiving was a happy one!

The full moon will be here next Monday, and is a powerful opportunity for reflection, release, and manifestation toward the new that is here waiting for you.

To gain benefit, explore teachings from your own spiritual tradition, consult with astrologers, or seek guidance from sources that resonate with your beliefs. It's important to approach interpretations with an open mind and choose what feels meaningful and authentic to you.

Here is what is up ....

1) Completion and Renewal: As a symbol of cycles completing, this full moon prompts us to gracefully conclude chapters in our lives. The frost moon's serene glow invites reflection, urging us to let go of what no longer serves our higher purpose. Express gratitude, bid farewell, and welcome growth.

2) Resisting Mediocrity: In the cosmic blend of Gemini's restlessness and the frost moon's tranquility, we're reminded NOT TO SETTLE. Aligned with the sun and Mars in Sagittarius, the full moon energizes action. Channel this motivation into bold decisions, refusing to settle in relationships, career, or personal growth. Take note of all the areas you are settling, and pursue your authentic desires!

3) Courage in the Unknown: As life's journey unfolds, the full moon encourages us to embrace the unknown with courage. The seasonal transition signals a natural slowing down, an inward turn, and preparation for the future. Declutter your mind and heart, release fears, and trust the universe's plan. Step into the unknown with open arms, unlocking new possibilities.

So there we have it!! Let your Frequency rise for flow -- let go of the old, resist settling, and embrace the transformative energy it offers. Move forward with confidence, for this celestial event is a reminder to unlock your potential and welcome the change that awaits.

If you are ready to do that in a way that involves your ancestors, consider the Ritual of Remembrance Retreat in May (hint: setting intentions now will bring forward lots of goodness in 6 months)!  Check it out here!

Remember your light, remember your ancestors, remember why you came! 

Remember Your Light

Rituals of Remembrance Retreat

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