{2.9}: Abundant Lunar New Year is HERE!

So much goodness going on today, and a perfect time to check in with the frequency you are emitting!

What a DAY to journey through the cosmic currents to elevate our frequencies and align with optimal flow! Today, as we harness the energy of the New Moon in Aquarius, we are also at the start of the New Lunar Year. What does it all mean for us?!

Firstly, please pay attention to words and thoughts, as this New Moon invites us to work on our inner energetic body and the vibrations we emit to the world. Amplify your word with the following three self-reflective questions:

  1. How can I embrace innovation and unconventional thinking to bring fresh perspectives into my life?
  2. What aspects of my social circle or community can I nurture and cultivate to foster greater connection and collaboration?
  3. In what ways can I align my actions with my authentic self-expression and contribute positively to collective goals and aspirations?

(Want help with any of these? Check out the Angel Tarot Certification Cohort that STARTS TODAY at 1 PM PST - there is still time to join us. It's a process of navigating the heroes journey, pinpointing where you are, where you are going, and moving energy to get there!)

The second thing to note; as we step into the Lunar New Year (marked by the vibrant energy of the Wood Dragon in 2024), we embrace a period of evolution, improvement, and ABUNDANCE! HECK YES!!! You with me?!

Focus on setting clear intentions and taking consistent action towards your goals. Visualize your desires as already manifested and engage in practices such as gratitude journaling or visualization exercises to amplify your abundance mindset. Remember, abundance flows where attention goes, so stay aligned with your intentions and remain open to receiving the blessings that come your way! AND I have a process for this too - there is still time to join me LIVE for Moon Cycle Restart today at 11 AM PST! You will learn to work with and amplify the energy of the moon! I love doing this every year at the Lunar New Year, it's one of my favorites!

As we navigate the currents of the New Moon in Aquarius and the vibrant energy of the Wood Dragon year, stay attuned to the current energy. Embrace the opportunities for growth, evolution, and abundance that surround you.

May this New Moon in Aquarius and the Year of the Wood Dragon usher in a wave of transformation, success, and recognition. Keep aligning your frequency, embrace new beginnings, and step into the radiant energy of the cosmos!


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