{4.5}: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries, Work with Your Unseen Allies

We are in a waning crescent moon in Pisces, and preparing to journey inward to embrace the transformative energies of the upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries, on Monday!  

I am hoping today's Frequency & Flow Friday message supports you, AND I want to give you three focal points to guide our path toward optimal flow and alignment.

Before we go there -- mark your calendars for the powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries on Monday the 8th. It peaks at 11:20 AM PST, and marks a time of new beginnings and opportunities for growth! I invite you to join me as we harness the potent energies of this eclipse to set intentions, ignite passions, and pave the way for delightful new chapters in our lives, with our ancestors and angels!

Check it out here!

Now onward .... here are three focal points for this weekend, as you reflect on the shedding week behind us, and look forward to new intentions!

1. Embrace surrender: As we navigate the waning crescent moon in Pisces, embrace the energy of surrender. Release any attachments, fears, or doubts that may be holding you back, and trust in the divine flow of the universe to guide you toward your highest good.

Journal Prompt: What will allow for greater alignment with the natural rhythms of my life, helping open the door to transformative experiences?

2. Nurture your dreams today and tomorrow:  Pisces is a sign associated with dreams, intuition, and imagination. During this phase, focus on nurturing your dreams and visions for the future. Set aside time for creative pursuits, journaling, or meditation to tap into your inner wisdom and gain clarity on your deepest desires.

Journal Prompt: How can I allow my intuition to be my guide as I explore the vast realm of possibilities that lie ahead?

3. Prepare for new beginnings: With the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries on the horizon, now is the perfect time to prepare for new beginnings. Reflect on where you feel called to initiate change or take bold action.

Journal Prompt: What seeds of intention can I plant, knowing that the energy of the eclipse will support and propel me to move forward on my journey?


And if you are .... you are in for a treat!

Prepare to unlock the power of your unseen allies and reverently honor your ancestors in a FREE 1-Hour Exclusive Workshop. We'll delve into the sacred realms of ancestral wisdom and discover how to harness their guidance for personal and spiritual growth.

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with your lineage and awaken the wisdom of your soul.

As we navigate the energies of the waning crescent moon and prepare for the transformative shift of the New Moon Solar Eclipse, remember to stay open, receptive, and aligned with the flow. Embrace the journey with curiosity, knowing each step brings you closer to your truest self and highest potential.

Unleash the Power of Your Unseen Allies & Honor Your Ancestors


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